TESLA GIGA BERLIN – 4680 – Production & Model Y SR (Source)

Credit Giga Austin: Jeff Roberts…
Credit Giga Berlin: Tobias Lindh​​​
Credit Giga Shanghai: WUWA
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  1. No Tesla Prime. Design cars. Make cars. Sell cars. Provide same throughout all customers. Prime is a good business strategy for repeat customers for various and various products. Just make cars and sell cars. All customers should have same quality experience.

  2. About 7:20. I f Tesla does some sort of 'Prime', I hope it doesn't suck like Amazon Prime. Why do I have to pay for good movies and watch ads if I have Amazon Prime?

  3. I would not like Tesla Prime, as if everything isn't expensive enough already. Also I'm not sure about the standard range MY; I'm still waiting for Giga Berlin to produce my long range order. I'd be okay with standard range and 4680 batteries, but just single motor sounds like a rear wheel drive, which I don't like for cold weather scenarios.

  4. @teslanews Do you know why Tesla them self never explain the delays to thier buyers and what is happning?
    They info is not much to give if you see the cash each buyer give before they get anything at all

  5. Is there any information at all about Y performance with other color the black or white from germany?…i ordered april 12 and had august first and now march/may -23….with all other news this realy suck, and cant for a bit understand how it works with this production/delays.
    That production going well as you say cant be right in anyway

  6. Actually Tesla needs just 1,404,000 deliveries in 2022 to meet its goal of a 50% increase Y-O-Y not the 1,500,000 you illustrated in the chart.