BREAKING! Tesla Giga Berlin Builds First Model Y With 4680 Battery

German publication Teslamag has an exclusive report in which it claims the first Tesla Model Y carrying the 4680 battery is produced at Giga Berlin as a test.

In mid-June, after a slow start in Grünheide, Tesla reported that 1000 Model Ys were produced there in one week for the first time. Surprisingly, at least a few dozen in the Long Range variant were added by the end of the month, after the German Gigafactory had previously only delivered the more expensive performance version. With the goal of a further significant increase, Tesla then sent most of its employees on a two-week vacation after the second Friday in July in order to restructure production.

I believe today is the last day of the production stop at Tesla #GigaBerlin to optimize and improve the production process and increase the number of Model Ys #Tesla makes per week. We should probably start seeing 2000-3000 Model Ys weekly produced at Giga Berlin by year end.

This work continued this week, learned from a person who was informed about the processes. However, some production staff have been reassigned to test the conversions that have already been completed and to prepare for the full restart next Monday (July 25). Various innovations on the German Model Y are said to have been tried out on the occasion, including the structural battery pack of 4680 batteries as in Texas.

In other words, Tesla has tested building a Model Y with 4680 battery pack at Giga Berlin.

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  1. Was ist denn mit der Sonderuntersuchung der NHTSA bezüglich dem Model Y und den getöteten Motorradfahrer, wo bleibt die Stellungnahme von Tesla? Was ist mit der Sonderuntersuchung im Falle der Auffahrunfälle bei der es um ca. 830.000 Fahrzeug geht?

  2. Tesla battery supplier CATL has a new battery production. It has new chemistry and is more energy dense. Details are coming in a video report in 30 minutes as of this writing.

  3. They upgrade factory for this! It's probably test vehicle for calibration but it's still a progress