Tesla Model Y vs Hyundai Ioniq 5 vs Kia EV6 – what is the best electric SUV in Australia?

The ultimate electric SUV comparison – from someone who has driven and tested all three! The Tesla Model Y versus Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 versus Kia’s EV6. In this comparison, I cover 42 categories and share with you what is the best in class for range, specs, fit, finish, handling and more.

I’m taking the Victorian Government to the High Court of Australia to challenge them on the Electric Car tax! Dubbed the world’s worst tax it is not only a disincentive for new buyers of EVs, but also delays our progression to cleaner/greener forms of transportation.
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Car Expert Tesla Model Y Review

Suspension compared

Tesla Model Y Charging profile


  1. Model y motor RWD coming out of Shanghai from Jan 22 is actually the 3D7 motor and not the 3D6 which was listed in the Australian ADR submission. You are quoting the older SR stats which used the 3D6 and aren’t being built any more. The 3D7 motor is 194kW and 340Nm. It is a newer generation of motor and has less power but is built using hairpin coil design for better efficiency, hence the slower 0-100 time.

  2. 19:30 Why did you give the Ioniq and the EV6 a point when the Tesla hands down has the better charging ports?!

    The tesla has two 12 volt ports, four 15 watt type C ports, and a 25 watt usb 3.1 Type A port.

    The other two cars just have some crappy usb 2.0 type A ports…

    Type-C ports are 10 times better than the antiquated type A port.

    Everything else seemed pretty fair, but this was downright crazy.

  3. This "long time" Tesla user claimed he objectively compared his pricy, UNRELIABLE and DANGEROUS Tesla againsts its south korean's EV competitors… Of course he is very objective… [rolling my eyes…] It's easy to know how objective this guy is when he started comparing the audio system. He was literally won over by his Tesla umph-teen speaker installed audio system, because that many speakers, to him, equals to totally immersive audio experience. I guess this is the same guy who thinks the best audio system is the one having the most speakers installed in a 12 to 15 square meter of space… What a joke… BTW, it is remain unclear who actually oem'ed Tesla audio system. Some says it was licensed from Bang Olufsen, and others even mentioned it had been oem'ed by a company that is now a Samsung's subsidiary… Go figure… As the guy said the gazillion speakers installed inside his Tesla definitely sound better than the 7+1 audio system installed by one of the most respectable maker of audio system, Bose, in Ionic 5… Talking about objectivity… 😉

  4. You missed one big thing. Battery lifespan, which is also why the Tesla has lower top charging speeds, ultra fast DC charging degrades the batteries much more and in general you can expect under 10% loss over 300,000km with a tesla battery compared to 40% loss for other brands according to 3rd party data sources.

  5. ElectricChris could you do a video review of the new AmpCharge at Ampol Foodary Altona North – located at 1 Horsburgh Drive, Altona North, VIC 3025? Until 1159pm Tuesday 30th August 2022 the chargers are free to use and from 1st of September 2022 it will charge AU$0.60 per 1 kW of charging

  6. I’m not sure Bluetooth is identical. Can’t have two phones connected simultaneously (eg passenger’s and driver’s) on the Tesla can you? Certainly not on older models

  7. Nice review Chris, re the audio systems I feel the one thing Tesla has done is move away from incorporating other branded systems, as such I believe Tesla acquired a couple of Bang & Olufsen audio engineers to aid in the design of the OEM system. I’ve heard all 3 also, I think the Kia and Hyundai have nice badges on the grilles 😁

  8. Great review. I've been very taken in by the upscaled Genesis brand linked to Hyundai – the GV60. It seems to blend all 3 of these cars into one car (bar the range), whilst upping the luxury feel. Of course, it costs a bit more as it comes from the Genesis range, but it looks amazing. Are you going to do a review on that one soon?

  9. Chris have you considered listing your Pay ID (can be setup for free using your internet banking and your current email address) and also your PayPal details – in the video description box so that people can send you some contributions/donations?

  10. You forgot to mention the car apps. Tesla allows you control car features such as heating and cooling, very convenient on hot days prior to getting to your car at the shops.
    Tesla GPS navigates to superchargers as needed on long trips.

  11. Superb comparison review Chris! Thanks for the time & effort to do a detailed review of all three all alongside each other. 👍⚡🔋

  12. I'm awaiting the delivery of my model Y. However, I was open to looking at all available EVs. The problem is they are just not available yet.

  13. Remember that turbine style wheels can only work aerodynamically on one side…..the left hand driver’s side.

  14. EV6 wait time is killing their chance of dominating.
    I have one on order, but I've had to order a Model Y as well as a backup option.

  15. chris, based on the ev6 was that a mistake in copy and paste from model Y or are they both the same because if that be the case then the ev6 deserves a 1 point for matching the tesla sr trim level

  16. sorry but they all fall short for me as they are restricted to 1600kg braked towing they all need to do 2T minimum because i pref a camper rather than sleep in car and yes you maybe able to go over the max weight but we know what authorities and insurance companies are like if you overweight a vehicle bye bye warranty

  17. What a great and detailed comparison Chris. The VtL is important for me. VtG is even more important and none offer it. I wonder why?

  18. Just a point that you make a mistake on Chris. Map and infotainment updates on EV6 and presume Ioniq5 is done via USB at home and updated manually by the driver. Plus OTA updates are being released soon. Plus two key things firstly Tesla have being developing this for ages and the Koreans are catching up. Plus for performance the EV6 GT is out now to order in Europe and 0-60 time and top end quicker than MY performance for much less money. 585bhp. But great review albeit many things subjective such as looks, handling etc, etc and hence why and I personally went for the EV6 GT line. But thats great and why we love all these different EV’s. Keep up the great reviews and good luck with your battle with the State of Victoria👍👍.

  19. Looking forward to taking delivery of my model 3 LR in the next 4 weeks, currently somewhere between Shanghai and Australia.

  20. Sorry to contradict you, but Australian EV6 models DO NOT get a heat pump system. I cannot speak about Hyundai, but they mirror Kia in the Kona/Niro so may also not have a heat pump. Model Y, yes, it does.

  21. Had an older friend test drive all 3, loved the drive of all, didn’t like the screen (wanted buttons) love the Ioniq5 and EV6. Ordered the Model Y, the deciding factor was servicing costs. 12 month fixed service costs for both Hyundai products.

  22. Difficult to compare these as very subjective and depends what you are looking for. A lot of the categories are very best in terms of SUV which the Y is going to do well in, look at them from a CUV or slightly raised hatchback/estate viewpoint and the other 2 do better. I do think there are a few categories the EV6 is hard done by – for me it is by far the best looking of the 3, very aggressive stance, big haunches, great lights and the steering is a bit more direct and sporty than the Ioniq, with the suspension the best tuned of the 3 (Y is way too hard and bumpy, Ioniq is too soft and floaty). Performance-wise you have to add in the EV6 GT and upcoming Ioniq 5 N which will be much more directly comparable to the Y Performance, but the normal AWD models match the LR pretty well (and are much more similar in price). All 3 are great cars and will fit different people.

  23. On another note how exciting is Finlands 🇫🇮 new sand battery . Amazing technology. Could it work in Australia???

  24. Extreme weather, high rains, floods, coral reefs dying, bush fires are more extreme, temperature getting hotter, when will people wake up and stop adding more fossil fuels to the climate fire. Time to dump coal and other fossil fuels and go all in on safer, cleaner and cheaper wind and solar energy and all electric vehicles. There is a CLIMATE CRISIS. Everyone needs to do their part.

  25. Depends on what you can afford Chris, I can't afford any of these Ev's so will be sticking with my Atto 3 if it ever arrives in Australia.