What happens if your Tesla runs out of battery


  1. Teslas are booty but the owners are even worse like if I were to pick the more annoying owner between tesla and jeep it would 100% be tesla owners like WE GET THAT YOU HAVE A TESLA BRO

  2. What happens when a Tesla gets to 0%? It dies.

    What happens when my i3 gets to 0%? The gasoline generator kicks in and I’m good for another 150 miles.

  3. Pro tip: always Carry a Tesla charger and a portable electric generator with an outlet

  4. “I assume all these people are frequently running out of gas”
    You allergic to questions bro?

  5. Bro you can’t even use a tow truck wit. A tow hook instead of a flatbed?

    Nah bruh that’s ridiculous

  6. Can you fucking stop justifying everything and get to the point? I myself love Teslas. People are genuinely curious about what happens when you run out of charge. Stop asking "WeLl DoEs YoUr FuEl tAnK lAsT eTeRniTy?" and just explain to them how it's done like you did in the latter bit of the video. This can be taken as a calm and legitimate question so please stop being a "No Tesla good because autopilot and seats" fanboy and actually come up with better arguments/answers.

  7. See that proves that tesla is dum you have to hire a gas truck to get an electric vechile😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. People could also be asking cause they think about getting a tesla but wanna know what to do if they run out of charge, if something that there years of driving a gas vehicle couldn't teach them. So by berating people on them being people who have gas vehicles many don't wanna make the switch simply cause they don't wanna be compared to an asshole that's puts people down for simple questions.

  9. That's not what they were asking bro. We want to know what happens when it is rolling down the road and dies. Does it just force itself to stop or keep rolling?

  10. There currently is a lot more places to get gas, than find a place to charge u'r electric car.

  11. running out of gas we can legit get someone to bring gas no towing required ?? Still think they are better…

  12. Almost every owner of a gas car has a jerry can with some feul lying somewhere is their car.

  13. with a gas car, not only can your tank last 3x as long, but you can carry a gas tank with you! crazy!

  14. Sounds like a pain in the ass that's what it sounds like .If you run out of battery you're screwed , if you run out of gas you just put more LOL

  15. Nah fuck the manual. Tow that shit on the wheels half the way and then drive the rest lol

  16. i like how he says “i assume these people are frequently running out of gas” when people could just be curious

  17. Bruh can u keep charge in ur car like how we can keep Gas in our cars in the boot

  18. The gas tank full of gas In the back of my dad's truck when we run out of gas:😐😑😐

  19. No i just know if i run out of gas i can just call AAA or walk to a gas station real quick. And i don’t have to plan out every single so of every single drive

  20. I had tesla and it always had wrong predictions for precentage and that’s the case for all teslas because they calculate with the most efficient driving unlike my eqs which when driving the range actually sometimes goes up because it calculates range the way you drive

  21. So because you are driving a dishwasher you have to spend hundreds on towing. As opposed to walking to a peteols station with a gerry can…

    And when you are low on charge you have to spend at least 20min a charger. My diesel truck takes less than 5 to fill up and I can go another 500 miles.

    Look electric cars are cool, but they are not worth the headache. At least not yet.

  22. Instead of AAA getting u gas, theyll bring a power generator 🤷🏻‍♂️ that’s how I imagine it lol why tow it

  23. Looks like to me regenerative braking should recharge the batter if you tow it wheels on the ground and rolling.

  24. I'm sorry but they are junk, and I will not support China because that's where the batteries come from