DIY Ceramic Coating your Tesla Model Y

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DIY Ceramic Coating your Tesla Model Y | I decided to apply ceramic coating to my Tesla Model Y. It’s always a good idea to apply all the protection possible to your car. Whether you go on a lot of golf trips or commute to work, the ceramic coating will help protect the paint from stains and other elements of the road. The product I used is called ARMOR SHIELD by Avalon King and it cost around $60 dollars for the product. That was a lot cheaper than having a professional do it for $1,000 to $1,500.

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  1. @Black Birdie Golf 
    Did you see a difference in the car once you applied the coating? It is hard to tell on the video.

  2. Nice, yup way less expensive than letting a pro do it. Once you feel super confident, this can be a side gig for you