Tesla X-Treme Tail Lights For Model Y and 3

These tail lights are the best I’ve seen for the Model 3 and Y

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  1. Looks like the turn signals are switching on with brake lights. It's a big issue.

  2. Those are cool! Aside ftom being boring, the stock Tesla taillights with their dummy elements that don't light up at all are really stupid.

    And again, the 3 & Y get all the love and the Model S gets snubbed. I guess I'm going to have to do a complete DIY upgrade to light up the blank OEM elements.

  3. Hey Brian, I put the Hanshow Eagle Eye tail lights in myself a year ago. These new lights featured in your video are awesome. I assume that if purchase the new lights, it will be an even swap since the wire harnesses will be the same for my 2018 model 3. Do you think that is a fair assumption? I would hate to rewire it.that was painful the first time around.

  4. Brian, I still wonder why Handshaw would ignore Model S and X cars for automated tail lights. I'll just sit back and wait knowing it may never happen. ;(

  5. Hi. Great lights. I have been looking at these my self. I currently have the ones called eagle eyes I believe the name is. About the same but a different pattern of the led lights. Question. I have those lights in my model 3p 2019. But if I buy these you show in this video. Can I transfer my eagle lights over to my 2022 model Yp. Will the light fit from a model 3 over to a model y and will the cables from this new set work with the eagle eye set. Thinking about switching the eagle eye from the model 3 over to the model y. Since I already got the cabling done in the mod 3 will the cables from this new set put in the Y work with the eagle lights and do you think the cables already in the model 3 work with these lights. I don't think the eagle eye set is bought from Hansshow but often are many after marked stuff made one place but sold from several other dealers. The main question will be ; do you think the lamp connection on eagle eye set match the connection on this set. So the cables and connectors is able to this kind of switching? Long terrible question but if you understand it and can give me and answer it would really help.

  6. Your instructions might be great for you and folks who are used to modifying their Tesla's but for this newbie who hasn't done that sort of thing the steps you filmed aren't in enough detail. Especially taking apart the items where the wiring is supposed to go. If you use the amount of detail that I'd like to see you'll probably be getting complaints from the folks who aren't newbies at this sort of thing. Plus providing that level of detail is probably boring for you. But for me….. this video gets a thumbs down.

  7. 🤗 BRIAN … lights light up my life I love ❤️them and if you learn Chinese you can read the menu at the restaurant ,and become an interpreter 🤣😍😍😍

  8. Those are very cool looking. I am curious if they meet all 50 States lighting requirements.