Tesla Model Y Performance acceleration, braking and noise test with 18" & 19" wheels

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  1. Excellent! I wold like to see some 18” options for winter tires! Traditional higher profile, and narrower tire will increase winter traction! I love the look of the 21”, but I have my doubts about them in the Norwegian mountains in the winter!

  2. Those Minevra tires are just awful, breaking test just proves it. Would not even think of getting those on such a heavy car, don't even want to think about how awful they are in the rain.

  3. Got first 1000km on my Berlin MYP, really harsh drive on 21” but everyone loves the looks of 21 “rims …

  4. With a hot battery here in Texas I have a achieved 455 KW discharge power. I wonder if the giga Berlin model Y performances are throttled compared to the US?

  5. Hi Bjørn, thanks for the great videos. Would you be able to let me know the app you use on your phone to show the vehicle stats. Thanks!

  6. I got called out by a physics teacher sophomore year of engineering in college for failure to understand that breaking distance is NOT a function of or dependent on the weight of the vehicle. It’s because the momentum of the vehicle is the function of weight but also the coefficient of friction multiplied by the vehicle weight equals the total force of friction which is stopping the vehicle. those two variables are on the opposite side of the equation and cancel each other out. You can look it up.

  7. Love the tests! I have ordered a Berlin MYP and I will be running 19-inch wheels all year round. Great to see the 21” wheels are not required for straight-line performance. I care more about ride comfort than benefits at on-the-limit cornering.

  8. Bjorn, great video, as always 🙂 is front and rear stator temperature correct? 215 C is quite high 😅

  9. All the 0 to 60 test I have seen with 18 and 19 inch wheels have been faster than times you are recording. These times are no more faster than the stock 21 Uber wheels. Am I missing something? I know the other test have been with the draggy.

  10. Had Minerva on my old car (Tesla P85) was literally undrivable at high speeds.
    Floating all over the road when driving over 100km/h. When driving at something like 150km/h felt like you had almost no control.
    Worst tires I have ever used.

  11. I'm guessing you're doing these acceleration tests with a pre heated battery. Do you use regular preheat before charging to do this?

    I'm always .25 to .30 seconds slower than your times.

  12. as always excellent video. and it is insane that the MYP beats a car that is more than double the price – depending on specs I think it can even be close to 3x the price, no?