Tesla Model Y Accessories That Could Possibly Change Your Life

This is a list of accessories for both the model 3 and Model Y all links and discount codes are in the description.

Wireless AirPod Charging Mount

3D Mats: Save with code: GJEEBS3D10

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Tesla Shields Floor Mats:

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TEMAI Accessories:
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Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Dash Cover:
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Tesla Replacement Windshield Wipers:

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Seat back Covers from PimpmyEV:
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Tesla Accessories:
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Time Stamps:
0:00 AirPods wireless charging mount
1:45 Best Floormats for your Tesla
2:37 The second best floor mats for your Tesla
4:59 Premium Tesla neck rests from ev premium customs
7:42 a review of Temai Tesla accessories
9:42 Camping Tent
10:57 Tesla wheel mountable dinner table for road trips and camping
12:21 Tesla windshield wiper replacements (high quality)
14:55 Black Tesla Sport Pedals
15:51 Tesla Model Y rear trunk cover/ divider
19:02 Magbak magnetic wireless phone charger review
19:47 Pimp my ev rear seat covers review
20:35 The best charging cable for your Tesla


  1. Purchased the tesla shields a few months ago, great fit and comfortable for the front and rear seats, still waiting for my trunk mats to be delivered

  2. I was needing a good passive solution for increase risk of neck punching when economies collapse @6:20 really helped me.

  3. I really like the wrap on your Y.. but I actually like where you can see the original white underneath as I think this links it really well to the interior..

  4. So happy to have watched this! I received my VIN last Tuesday and will be taking delivery This coming Thursday! Can’t wait!

  5. Perfect timing, was looking for accessories for my Model Y LR that is being delivered next month, hope I win the rear trunk cover as I won’t be getting one from my Fremont made. As always keep the good content coming 👍🏼

  6. Thank you for all your insight and experience! Always look forward to your next upload. I’m about to take delivery of my model y performance and you’ve made this decision to go electric to be easy. Thank you

  7. Hey Gjeebs, I've reached out to Tesla Shields to see if they will make their product for the Right Hand Drive Market but no dice. Can you use you pulling power to hook up a bro down-under!! Cheers

  8. Very helpful, Gjeebs. Just received a couple Hydro Silex products – interior cleaner and interior ceramic coating!

  9. You have the personality to carry this off !! Well done 👏

    Oh and congratulations on the arrival of your daughter 👍😀

  10. My Y should be coming in the next month-ish. I’ll be hitting up some of these items shortly

  11. Hydrosilex code isn’t working this month, FYI. Saving my cart for a few days hoping you see this.

    I lied… it has to be all lowercase

  12. Hey Gjeebs. I have the Temai under seat tray but it doesn’t fit with my Tesmanian mats. There’s too much of a lip and they go too far underneath the front seats. It seems to fit with the 3D Maxpiders. You have no issues at all with them? Also I didn’t see a link to the Alcantara seat backs to protect the front seat backs from a-holes trying to scuff them. Great video though.

  13. If you own the house, get yourself a mini-split, so you can air condition your garage efficiently.

  14. I also got the tesla shield mats and they fit great. mine lay nice with only a slight raise on passenger side but not a problem at all. super easy to clean and look great!

  15. Great Video! I have been using a small hand sanitizer bottle turned sideways to freak my Samsung ZFlip on that charge pad 😅 I should have invented the airport charger thing 🤣

  16. congrats on the baby girl! would love to see some baby car seat videos and how yours fit and how much room is left. waiting on my model 3 delivery to come and will need to install car seat in the back.