Tesla model Y vs Hyundai Ioniq5

Review of the Tesla Y, features I like and don’t like compared to the Hyundai Ioniq5

I love this car as well, and wish I could mix and match the features to create the perfect car.

I’d like the Tesla to charge faster at the super charging station.
I’d like the door handles to be easier to use from the outside.
The sun roof is sexy, but it makes the interior of the car really hot in the summer.
Tesla model Y rims get scratched really easily, Hyundai Ionic rims do not because they are set in a bit from the tire which keeps the rims out of the way of the curb or car wash track.
Ioniq5 has better visibility and lane change warning
Tesla’s auto lane driving is better than the Ioniq5’s, it does a better job of self steering in the lane.

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