Tesla Model Y throttle on power off, plus auto brake lights

Getting used to EV power on power off dynamics plus how to avoid confusing drivers behind you


  1. It takes a short while to get used to, but I prefer driving an EV over an ICE car, because I have far greater control over the cars speed, than I ever had with my BMW X3. If you have elevated levels of regenerative braking enabled, the car is effectively braking on your behalf, and hence needs to signal to following road users the car is slowing, hence dynamic brakes lights. Especially, as regenerative braking can be more aggressive compared with say diesel engine braking. My Kona EV can be configured for various levels of regenerative braking via paddles on the steering wheel. This includes one pedal driving, where the car immediately slows and brakes to bring it to rest when you take your foot off the accelerator. If I am driving around town I dial-in more regenerative braking, as this better suits the stop / start nature of town driving. For longer motorway journeys, I reduce the regenerative braking, so the car can coast when going downhill. The Tesla auto pilot function effectively does this all automatically, but you can manually configure by setting "Stopping Mode". "Hold" is the Tesla equivalent of one pedal driving (may be not as extreme as some EVs, but will make greater use of regenerative braking), "Creep" is like driving an ICE automatic, and "Roll" allows the vehicle to coast if you take your foot of the accelerator, a bit like being in neutral! The latest Tesla Model Y European owner's manual describes "Dynamic Brake Lights" operation on p64 and "Stopping Mode" options on p65. You can download as a pdf from your Tesla account's page, or access it via the App etc.