Are GigaTexas Model Ys are Built Different?! 4680 vs 2170 Model Ys Compared

We’ve got two brand new Tesla Model Ys in our shop – one from Austin, Texas built with the 4680s and Structural Pack, and one from Fremont, California with 2170 Cells, and in this video, we look to find as many differences between the two as possible.

0:00 – Intro
1:15 – Exterior (Fit, Paint & Hardware/Sensors)
2:00 – Rear Interior (Cargo cover, Carpeting, and Seats)
3:14 – Front Interior (More Carpeting & Magnetic Armrest)
4:20 – Under the Hood (Checking out those sweet Castings)
5:20 – On the Road (Acceleration, Noise, & Supercharging)
7:06 – Summary

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  1. Based on that the Freemont car with 2170 is in reality lighter than the Texas 4680… why? Because Freemont Y has 82kw battery and the Texas Y is 65-68. Is you compare apples to apples and measure a Freemont Y 2170 but with a 65kw battery pack will save a lot of weight and could be beyond the 20 pounds difference.

  2. I received a new Fremont built model Y LR in June. I found no build quality issues. The paint (gray/midnight silver) was fine. I am very happy with the car. There is no current car on the market in that price range that I would rather have. It's not perfect. Things I would change/improve: The suspension needs help with rough roads, particularly at low to medium speeds. A swivel touchscreen mount should be standard. The smaller fonts should be enlarged a bit, and the items that are pale/washed-out are difficult to quickly see at times. After a month I'm noticing an occasional subtle rattle which seems to be associated with the rear view mirror mount/housing. I really enjoy driving the car. I have a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed in my garage for charging. Nice video. Thanks.

  3. Is there a marking on the car somewhere proving that the car is a 4680 battery? Thanks!

  4. 6:25, great for a quick test, but a better one is a snapshot of an averaged spectrum analyser app. That may you can compare the frequencies too as certain ones are less annoying. Often you can have a higher SPL that sounds less annoying than a much lower one, depending on the frequencies.

  5. What about weight?
    I expect Austin to be lighter. Thus more efficient in hilly area or with a lot of stop and go.

  6. Well paced video Ryan and great camera shots. Short and to the point. Would love to know how the car with the structural pack handles vs the 2170s.

  7. Hey, nice comparison. But you forgot the most important part. Comparing the handling of the cars in sharp curves. The structural pack should feel much more dynamic when driving sporty. Can you please do such a comparison?

  8. Great video and important video to publicize the facts versus a lot of guessing about the differences

  9. The lower door trim (softer) and the door pockets (carpet lined) have not been improved (yet) with the Austin Y? The Berlin made Y is better there than the Chinese 3s (and Ys IIRC).

  10. If they are more then 5% different Tesla is really screwing up. Having one assembly line beat another to being able to produced the newer version is normal but Tesla doesn’t seem to have any plans to update the Fremont line anytime soon. This is so stupid. Now if you get anything but a giga Texas model y you are getting a old outdated design. That is not right.

    Tesla is really starting to screw up with their growth strategy. Especially when it comes to refreshing models. They are long long long overdue for refreshed models across all lines with the 3 and Y.

    They have been pushing the same car out of Fremont for over 5 years with almost no improvements. This is so bad. Long term Tesla fans are quickly starting to not be as excited about Tesla as legacy automakers are now all starting to have more models then Tesla that are EV and they continue to update them, unlike Tesla

    Not to mention elons on a mission to be best friends with the far right who wouldn’t buy his cars if he paid them. It’s the left who made him and his companies and are most his buyers. At least use to be.

    Tesla doesn’t get the fact people want new cars every 3-5 years and if after that 3-5 years is up they see Tesla has not done anything to refresh the car they own they are gonna look elsewhere over buying a car with no improvements 5 years later

  11. Nice review! Is the Model Y a better built car than the Model 3P? Or have you compared them?

    Own 2022 Tesla 3P and next to wifes 2022 Tiguan in my garage . I did see clear differences in build quality unfortunately. My rear brake light was crooked, so i had to remove it and adjust, paint inconsistencies bumpers vs metal panels, and missing rubber gasket around trunk exposing hardware in the cracks. Panel gap inconsistent on my car vs perfect lines on hers. Closing doors on my car sound hollow vs the deep thunk on Tiguan. Mine is a Fremont build. Still love the car though, but build quality is below average. Maybe since it's the low model, the Y, X, and S are better?

  12. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine emprutt.ONLINE Brünette und eine anderem Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde