Is Tesla SANDBAGGING the 4680 Model Y RANGE?!

Between the Munro Live Texas made Tesla Model Y with 4680 batteries teardown and The Limiting Factors’ 4680 battery specs posting, we can start estimating the true capacity and expected range of the 4680 Model Y. Is it close to the 279 mile range that Tesla posts for the car? You might be surprised!

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Munro Live 4680 Batteries exposed:
Inside EVs & The Limiting Factor 4680 Specs:

Is Tesla Sandbagging the 4680 Model Y Range? Evidence suggests yes!


  1. There are plastic inserts at the end of the modules they describe as bee hive these could be spacers in place of cells… cell count seems to be 816 not 880, I don't think they're sand bagging. There is likely a little headrace just to protect battery and allow regenerative braking when "full"….

    If it were possible to software unlock 🔑 I do not believe they will.. to do so would be to turn on the osbourne effect.

    That's not to say new future cars won't be sold with larger range… but never on older cars..

    The upside may be that the current 4680 cars will maintain range showing no degradation as extra capacity could offset degradation

  2. 8:28 Munro had made a few vids on Tesla, only the positiv gets an big feedback and are getting linked ^^

  3. 8:02 Maybe the new cells aren´t that great, but can be sold that way? ^^ Over time, they enhance the prduction quality and brnig up an extend range model ^^ (More Money ^^)

  4. 5:24 Either sandbagging or "Extend your Range for XXX$" or not sure yet about the 4680 inside a custom car.

  5. 98 Wh. This is about the limit of what can be shipped via UPS. For this reason, it's also the size of the battery pack in the 16" macbook pro.

  6. You are assuming Tesla has the same battery chemistry as Panasonic which I doubt is the case. Panasonic has their own secret sauce which probably gives their 2170 a 10-20% advantage.

  7. I was driving in Texas right after the first batch of Model Y Austin were build but not sold to anyone yet. I ran into a Tesla Engineer working on a supercharger with an austin built model Y he had put 7,000 miles on. He indicated he was getting at least 330 miles of range with it despite it advertised as 270……..I thought that was quite interesting.

  8. Its plain to me that they are just doing what they are doing for safety reasons, they want to make sure the heat generated does not cause thermal runaway. There are to many unknowns to know for sure without putting it in service. Tesla is super safe. This all came about because of a mistake Tesla made on one car with a 90 kw battery pack replacement it wasn't supposed to have, causing a huge conspiracy theory. One other thing, there is almost no chance of there being "dummy" cells. The complexity is to great, unless you want to have another 737 Max. It goes against engineering sense, in other words, keep it simple stupid.

  9. I'm shocked that Sandy used a dry ice sprayer to strip away the structural foam. Who sprays CO2 at an EV?

  10. Think Tesla are improving the 4680 cells themselves over time…trying to eliminate Osborne Effect. Clearly don’t want folks to dismantle the structural battery pack given what Munro is going through!

  11. Elon clearly rebuffed this during the Q2 earning call. He stated they are not yet at version 1 estimated density. Until Sandy finish’s the rear down we don’t know for sure what the cell capacity is. Also look at the filing with NTSA and EPA. They don’t indicate an 80KWph

  12. Every good design tries to provide headroom for the future. So this first rev looks like it’s got room to grow. Isn’t that what we want? Let’s relax and enjoy.

  13. I got a feeling they have dummy cells like not every spot that a cell can be in is populated

  14. Why do you say they will automatically get more range? Tesla will sell them a software upgrade for $7K to achieve more range.

  15. <I have about 5% of my portfolio in uranium stock, any advice on any other stock that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

  16. With a new battery, new packaging and new cooling sandbagging may be less accurate the just playing it safe. I would think they have some test units they are running at abuse rates, would love to see those numbers.