Some Tesla Model Y Accessories Just DON’T Work Out

Sometimes accessories for your Tesla Model Y just don’t work out. In this case, I bought this set of seat back covers when they came out. They were the only ones on the market and I wasn’t sure if I’d like them enough to recommend. Unfortunately they didn’t last a year before they started falling off the seat back.


  1. The reason that it did not stick to the back of the seat is because the piece of Velcro on the back of the seat has a whole bunch of debris in the velcro take something Sharp and pick it out get all of the threads and garbage out of it and then it will work

  2. Just add crazy glue to the adhesive tape and stick it back together, it'll hold forever, I've done this multiple time to secure velcro because often the glue doesn't stick well.

  3. I have the same ones. Was your model y logo on the cargo area affixed upside down? I see it is removed. Mine is upside down and it bugs me. Velcro has held, but I’m in Michigan.

  4. Haha just buy a moment glue 😀 like all our grandparents did and parents well and we in our childhood

  5. i'm running into this issue as well, i used a hot glue gun and hopefully it'll stay. Otherwise i'm going to use an epoxy to stick the velcro to the mat. Honestly i got those mats for my 7 seater Y and hated it, it's just so poorly designed. I highly recommend the 3D Maxpider ones! you need to push in the extra flap into the car when you put the 3rd row up however but it's much cleaner look.

  6. Hell, this crap happened with my Chevy Blazer cargo and seatback mats that CHEVY MAKES AND SELLS. They used tiny strips of velocro to hold these giant sheets on. Three years later. They all have come unglued and they all just slide around.