Tesla Confirms NEW Tesla Model Y For 2023

Tesla Confirms NEW Tesla Model Y For 2023. The Model Y is quickly becoming Tesla’s most popular car. It sold around 10,000 units in its launch year of 2020, but that figure jumped to over 160,000 units of Model Y sold in 2021.

Fans know that some of the newest EV technologies like the patented battery are coming with the Model Y. So let’s dive into what exactly you should expect, especially if you’re not caught up with all the buzz around this car.


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  3. Hey I enjoy this page but can we turn off Elon musk and Tesla the next vid? Been a few in a row

  4. I only recently discovered you can charge your Tesla at home, from the mains! 😎👍 I thought you had to instal a special point you sometimes see in the streets. They even supply the cable & transformer with the car, takes much longer but you can top up overnight. Now I REALLY want one! 😄

    btw "as I mentioned above already" only works if you're reading the text. 05:25 🤓

  5. Whoever's reading this, i pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen