2022 Tesla Model Y Performance Delivery Day Carlsbad, CA | My Experience Review

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  1. Enjoy, Greg! I love my 2020 Model Y long range. It hurts me to have to drive another vehicle.

  2. I agree. Their customer service is atrocious. They would not let me test drive and gave me zero information. I drove out of the place having no clue how to drive the car. As soon as they have some competition they will be in trouble.

  3. I'm good with the electric cars for right now because either way you need fuel to develop this vehicle I'll stick with the gasoline vehicles and I will definitely get rid of this government who are destroying our lively hoods

  4. They don't do the hand holding because most people that buy a tesla have some one that showed off theirs and let it or they went in a test drive where they learn alot about the car. But ya if you ask them to walk you threw it they donit no problem but that is part of the online buy process no hand holding but i think you will love this car and want to get rid of the other and buy a 2nd tesla

  5. Congrats bro! Very happy for you! Not the color trim I would pick but nonetheless would love to own one. One day I will. You da man! Keep it going and update us with team honest updates on this vehicle

  6. Hi Greg a very nice car good for you,me and my wife have gone electrical to and we rum a vw id3 pro and we both love it and now would never go back to petrol one thing I notices is has the key changed as over here in the uk when I've drove and worked on the tesla the key was the shape of the car ??

  7. Greg
    @1:18 They parked it over the curb which is weird. Did you check the under carriage in the rear to make sure there were no scratches?

  8. Tesla are unequalled when it comes to electric cars. Has it got Wireless Android auto?
    One thing I noticed that is wrong, they put the steering wheel on the wrong side. 😂

  9. Question: when buying a new car do you pay the price that's advertised online ( since they don't have on the lot) or can you negotiate them down? We are hearing the price that's advertised online is the price you pay period) can you clarify this for us please

  10. Looks a very nice car, and nice colour. When you said you got a new electric car the other day, I knew it would be a tesla. Congrats on it.

  11. Congrats on the car and I would love owning a electric vehicle. For me they would need to make the battery bigger for more than 400 miles in range and the charge time under 20 mins for a full battery.