How much did Tesla JUST offer us for Trading In our Model 3?

Lots of exciting news to share in this video about selling our Model 3 and the arrival of our new Model Y. Let me know in the comments if you’ve got a new 3 or Y on the way and what you’re expected delivery is !

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In this video:
00:00 Intro
00:30 Model Y
01:14 Trade In
02:00 Carsales
04:06 New Subs



  1. Very objective and informative snippets. Keep doing the great work you’re doing! Congrats on your milestone achievement. Many more to come 👍🏽

  2. Pretty good trade in valuation. They offered me $17K for my Porsche Cayenne Turbo, I sold it privately after 10 days for $29K. Not bad considering I paid 27K for it 4 years and 50,000km ago! Still waiting impatiently for my model 3 to arrive – bought an old merc to drive around in until the tesla arrives!

  3. to everyone that is looking to sell any type of car, using this example 1:14 AU$67,000 back in early/mid 2021 is equal to AU$73,788 (in August 2022) due to inflation. ($67,000 X 1.038) X 1.061 equals $73,788 as inflation rate in 2021 was 3.8% and in 2022 currently its 6.1%. And the $59,000 that Tesla offered in July/August 2022 is equal to AU$53,295 in early/mid 2021

  4. Hope fully you dogs don't destroy your new model Y like they did to your mazda cx-5

  5. Hi Ryan, the only trouble with trading with Tesla is it can’t have any finance on it & the money comes off the purchase of the new car. If you sell privately you can choose to put say $50k toward the new car & splurge on a holiday. For me trade in of my Mustang is not an option as I want to keep some of the money I get for it.

  6. Very smart by Tesla keeping customers in the brand as most people will go for the offer.

  7. Congratulations Ryan! Atleast you now have a date to look forward to 🙂. Just out of curiosity, what time on the 10th June did you order yours? Maybe this will help me understand the delivery time for me. Fyi, I ordered mine at 11.50am on 10th June (the first day when orders opened). I am in the Aug-Nov slot. Thanks in advance!

  8. Hopefully with the Y coming the used 3 market might balance out a bit more. It would be good to see more 3 on the road from people who are not as well off.

  9. I am surprised that MY status updated so quickly. Really happy for you. However I am sure I am not the only one who ordered 3 at the start of the year with zero movement on the progress 🙁

  10. Your Model Y is probably on the ship that is currently off the coast of PNG, still exciting.

  11. I placed an order for the Model Y within 10 mins and still haven’t received a VIN. Hoping to get an update ASAP.
    Test drove the Y today and it was great and the only issue was the regenerative braking was a bit too harsh and can’t see much out the rear view mirror.

  12. We are waiting for our model 3 long range, but by the sound of things it could arrive sooner than we think.

  13. Might have to rename the channel shortly if it sells. TeslaRyan or Ryan’s Tesla has a nice ring to it haha

  14. Glad you’re getting your second Tesla in the next few weeks, I presume it was ordered in July?
    My 3, along with many others, was ordered in February – some even January – and they still haven’t been built!
    Happy for you, but at the same time grinding my teeth.

  15. Bummer I dont have a spare 70k, else I would be tempted to get your M3 and then this would be my first EV. But oh yeah, barely have $70! And grats with your growing channel, nice to see a fellow Aussie coming up the ranks – so to speak. I found ya when you had around 5k subs.

  16. It would have been good to know how much is what you paid now after inflation. Also how much Tesla is now selling the same model you bought.

  17. Haha wow your channel is booming. I’m the same kind of person to find the ship which my car is coming on haha. I acually live in Malvern and my dad has a house down in Sorrento. Mum currently has a bmw 5 series 2017 and for the past two years I’ve been trying to convince her to buy a model three, which would’ve been a good idea in hindsight, but she didn’t so her loss I guess. Three still waiting for a cheaper Tesla. Congratulations on the growth recently. Have a good night super 😊

  18. Hey Ryan, can I ask when did you order your Model Y?
    I have ordered a Model 3 back in April but I still haven't been assigned a VIN or any updates on my delivery date for my Model 3. 🙁

  19. Oh if the potential buyers of your car watch your own video here lol they may be expecting you will still lower the price by this strategy 😝 .. nice to know what’s happening in carsales from your experience

  20. Still waiting on my Model 3, and the app still says Aug – Nov 2022. I check it roughly twice a day just to see if the delivery update changes. Really happy for you Ryan and cannot wait for the end of one era, and the start of Ryan’s Model Y…actually, will the name change? All the best mate.

  21. We updated our 16 months old M3SR+ (30,000 kms) to the Shanghai LFP version, just over one year ago.
    We were offered $14,000 less than we got .
    We were overwhelmed by the instant offers and ultimately it hadn’t been taken away before our new one was already in the garage. I still don’t understand this phenomenon. Strewth !

  22. When did you order your Model Y Ryan? We've still not had any update, or vin, or anything and we ordered the first day. It was a great offer by Tesla. Good luck with the M3 sale!