I never looked into Paint Protection Film before with my older cars, but after getting a Tesla, it seems to be a very common topic. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is very popular with the high-end super cars, but with Teslas, it’s becoming common because of the Tesla front end design. In this video, I talk about why I’m getting PPF, and also take you on a tour of Elite Finish, the company here in San Diego wrapping my car.



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  1. On paper this looks like a good idea but it doesn't help with all rock chips. And it doesn't take long for the sun to do more damage than the rock hits would ever do. Whoever ends up being the second owner has to pay to have it removed and fixed.

  2. PPF = LOTS OF Money – it is very costly. notice how they never say what the cost is not even in the comments 🙂

  3. what is the Safest way for a chop to Tint a Tesla Y performance Windshield…what would be best precautions to get it done safely?

  4. what do they charge for the Model Y? Do they do a referral program for a discount?

  5. Great video. I love Elite’s Washmist waterless car wash product. Wish they had a shop in Phoenix.

  6. First rock chips I got were on the hood. None on the front bumper yet after several road trips

  7. Great video. Making note on the PPF. I might also get the PPF on the front.

    Do you know any good shops in OC to do PPF?