How well does sleeping in the Ionia 5 compare to Tesla’s Camp Mode in the Model Y

In this video, I sleep back to back nights in the Ioniq 5 and Model Y. Which one using more/less battery? Watch and find out!

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  1. I’m 6’2 and sleep pretty comfy in my MYP regularly, pushing the front seats forward. I have slept for nine hours in 12 degree weather and lost 9% with insulated shades in all windows

  2. ioniq 5 all day every day … better style and build quality … i take what you say about comfort, but you can always increase the comfort in the 5 through your own choisces …. you can't personally increase the style and quality of a tesla …

  3. I would of kept it at 61 degrees, I wonder how much charge those cars would of lost with that since it was 32 degrees, and you put it on 72 degrees, honestly I could of been okay with 50 degrees because I'm 6 ft 5 and 400 pounds so I stay hot

  4. my height is 1700 cm. does it get enough sleep on the ioniq 5? because in Indonesia this car just came out at the end of April.

  5. Thank you. Being able to camp in my EV is one of the most important criteria in my selection of my next vehicle. Would love to see how this experience fares in your new EV6!

  6. Hey, seriously thanks for doing this. As a family we have also was camped in our vehicles when camping as living in England the camping season is super short and the tent always gets super damp by the morning. We are looking to pull the trigger on an Ioniq, but camping was a concern. No more, you're a legend

  7. This is a great comparison video. If you make a similar video in the future, please include price comparison too. Model y is significantly more expensive.

  8. What about it compared to your Mach e? I seem to remember that being relatively comfortable

  9. You're truly a dedicated EV advocate, Shannon (sp?), to have made this comparison when you're actually a glam'per! I once overnighted in my previous Nissan LEAF, and it was… "okay." I have since bought a tiny camping trailer (only 256 lbs.!) that I pull with my Model 3, and it makes all the difference to have a nice, soft, comfortable, LEVEL bed when you're out in nature. Haha!

  10. The Limited is designed to sleep/nap/rest in the front seat, although not that comfortably (completely flat)…

  11. Hi Shannon seen a couple of your videos and I like the content! And to answer your question I would pick efficiency sense as mentioned there is a lot of ways to make the car comfortable for example a larger mattress! I will receive my i5 awd 73kwh in mid April 🥳 and a little request, if it’s not too big of a hassle would you add metrics in texts to your video. Thank you from a new subscriber from Sweden 🇸🇪

  12. I’d have to pick comfort over efficiency every time. Alas, I’m 6’3 so even sleeping diagonally there’s no way for me to spread out. I do have the Tesmanian bed for my Mach-E, but so far only our 13 year-old has tried it out (in the condo in NY, not in the car.)

    Thanks for enduring these not-so-comfy nights to produce such informative videos. The energy consumption stats are especially appreciated as evidence against haters’ ubiquitous / hackneyed “What if you get trapped in the snow?!?” Thanks again, have a great weekend!

  13. sleeping in your cars for your viewers' interests may be going beyond the call of duty. Am looking forward to your inclusion of other brands on behalf of those interested in validating their choice. (this content is so much better than watching comparisons of gasoline brand's performance.)