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Y, Y you tell me Y? Tesla’s second car for Singapore is finally on sale here and its an electric SUV — this is the Model Y. With a 100km/h sprint time comparable to the Audi RS e-tron GT, a cavernous amount of luggage space, and a price tag that’s quite competitive, find out if the the Model Y has what it takes to blitz Singapore!

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00:00 Intro
00:16 Y is this here?
00:38 Y does it look like that?
01:03 Y is it special?
01:20 Y is it so fast?
01:55 Y is it so big?
02:09 Y is it so roomy in the back?
03:17 Y is everything on this screen?
04:46 Y don’t we take it out for a spin
05:33 Y is it so heavy?
05:46 Y we are safe in this car
06:17 Y is it all on this screen!!!
07:13 Y should you consider this car?

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Produced by: Lionel Kong, Kimberley Ng, Derryn Wong
Videography by: Naz
Editing by: Naz

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  1. It is better to wait for BYD Seal (ATTO 4). Beautiful EV sedan with 550km, 650km and 700km range. With one piece glass roof similar to Model Y and sporty look similar to Model 3. A suitable replacement of Model 3.