Is The Tesla Model Y The Best Electric SUV?

Today we we finally reviewed the Tesla Model Y! Is this really as good as people claim?

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  1. Great video! I am from Brown Deer, WI. How did your MY handle in the snow with regen braking? Also I am debating between the 19in and 20in wheels

  2. Do you guys find the seats in the model Y too small? More specifically the seat bottom cushions of the front seats. I'm not even a big guy I found them to be too narrow and also lacking thigh support because of the short length too.

  3. The ride in the Y is firm and steering is heavy. The heat pump is the big win for Tesla. Huge difference in one with and without one.

  4. Any comparisons that you have between your ID.4 and the Model Y would be interesting to hear. You mentioned that it rode a little rough… is it a quieter ride than your vehicle? It was good to hear your comments about the lack of an instrument panel, which seems like it would be quite hard to get used to. I agree that a HUD would be welcome.

    I've ridden in an ID.4 for just a few minutes, and my impression was that it was a nice, but basic, vehicle. Great for daily driver use and less expensive than the Model Y. The styling of the ID.4 is better than the Y, in my opinion, as that is the major detracting factor for me about the Y. Did you get a good impression about how it would be as a daily driver?