Tesla Adds New Range Improvements & More Updates!

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Tesla Adds New Range Improvements & More Updates!

Tesla Giga Shanghai output expected to reach ~3,000 vehicles per day after factory upgrades

Tesla Giga Berlin is aiming for 3k Model Y per week starting October: report

EV tax credits for Tesla and other capped-out automakers revived thanks to Senate deal

Tesla’s range prediction updates get extremely detailed in 2022.20.7


  1. Elon is a Republican that supports the Coup Klutz Klan. He likes the party that doesn't even think science is a real thing, that Evolution and Climate Change are fake news. I'm so done with Tesla. I'll be trading in my model 3 for another brand soon. I thought he was an environmentalist, and bought the car to not only reduce my own emissions, but to help a company that seemed to be trying to reduce Greenhouse gases. Buying that car was the biggest mistake of anything I've ever purchased. The guy is a total loser. He thinks we need to have as many babies as possible, and is fine with rapists choosing the mother of their child, and the rape victim being forced by law to give birth, even if she is 10 years old! Incredible. I'm ashamed to be seen in my car now.

  2. increase in production output seemingly increases percentage of new Teslas needing service within first 30 days. My Tesla was in the shop the second week I had it.