Tesla Model Y Regen Braking & Charging on Mountain

Domonstration of how much regenerative braking adds power back into the battery when driving down steep hills. I was blown away at just how efficient Regen Braking is and how much power it put back into the battery. Really useful information for anyone planning a trip over mountain ranges. Battery consumption can increase 3 fold climbing steep grades and thus range can decrease to 1/3. Power will be restored to battery on the descent, but better to sure you have enough % battery to make the climb up.


  1. Regen (and one-pedal driving) is pretty amazing… I've gone down a mountain pass between Palm Springs and LA, speeding 72mph, and… GAINING battery 🙂 If you have drives recorded with a tool like ABetterRoutePlanner / Tezlab/Teslafi, and check power usage during heavy regen, it can be as strong as 40-70KW! That's same as an urban supercharger!!
    Now you know why Rivian used tow-charging for R1T's on Long Way Up movie/outing… (not officially recommended, but, basically same as downhill regen, works in an emergency?).. one youtuber got 10mi back towing 1mi… at your own risk.