My Tesla Model Y Gets Reviewed by a YouTube Car EXPERT

In today’s video, a YouTube car expert reviews my 2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range 7 Seater.

I’m no car expert, so my buddy RichWithCars gives you a full walkthrough of my Tesla Model Y 7 Seats. I have the Long Range version, not the Performance version.

📺 Checkout @Rich With Cars video: “2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor – Is It The EV for You?”

Rich starts off with his driving impressions of the Tesla Model Y. He gives a unique perspective as someone who’s driven both electric and gas cars quite a bit.

It is very interesting to hear someone else give feedback about my car. Rich gives a little history on the vehicle and points out some things that are specific to the 2021 Tesla Model Y.

Rich breaks down the exterior of the Tesla Model Y. He points out all the features it has, including the design, front end, lights, wheels, brakes, black accents, exterior cameras, color, charge port, and character lines.

Heading to the interior of the car, Rich gives a detailed breakdown of the key fob, seats, steering wheel, infotainment screen, shift lever, turn signals, wiper stocks, controls, charging pad, and storage.

Taking a look at the rear passenger and cargo area of the Tesla Model Y. Rich gives his opinions on the rear seat, the 3rd seating, cargo area as well and the rear cargo and frunk.

At the end of the video, I give plenty of details on my personal experience living with my 2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range. There are a lot of tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that I share with you.

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  1. Love the different perspective on the Tesla Model Y review. Makes me wonder if I should be filming myself in front of the camera more often…🤔