Tesla Model Y R1T – Flashlight in the Door

I had a great idea to install a flashlight in the door of my Tesla Model Y. Just like in the Rivian R1T and R1S. This will be very useful when you need it the most. Follow along and do this to your car if you dare.

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The flashlight used


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  1. Interesting mod. The best thing about the Rivian light is you always know where it is! Use it all the time. I wonder if using gap foam would be a better option for holding it all in place, adds a bit of acoustic insulation too?

  2. Thanks for the DIY video. It is a very good idea. Congratulation to you! 👏👏👏Greetings from Spain

  3. Now that is pretty dern slick there Brian, Great job bud!
    Looks like they had plenty of wasted space for the tube as well.
    Maybe you could 3d print a trim for the outside like on Rivian?

  4. Sweet add on! It definitely stands out. Question for you. Have you ever used cheetah vinyl? If so is it good quality or cheap? Thanks

  5. THis man is a thinker. Innovative ideas. I like Bourne idea of an umbrella like the RR.

  6. I do like that idea you should figure it out how to make a kit for every Tesla to put them in their car I will definitely buy it if you did it for real just think about it with a rechargeable flashlight built-in


  8. I’d say it’s one man’s opinion but you yourself said most people don’t do to theirs what you do to yours. Everything is just overdone and cheapens the vehicle. If this crap wasn’t free to you, you wouldn’t be buying it.

  9. Brilliant!, what’s more I have the exact same torch too !…….just need the MY to arrive now

  10. Challenge: passive, or cabled, charging. Passive it you find a new light that can do that and fit. Cabled if the charge cable can be on the back end and aligned into the slot where the light is pushed in, if you can ensure rotation alignment when inserted. If anyone can do this, it's you!

  11. The light idea is nice, but if you can hide the white exposed plastic and let the light guide you to the flash light. Otherwise really sexy and well done … can the flask light be rechargeable? That would be a home run … catching two birds with one stone. Thanks.

  12. Great customization. An umbrella would be a good item to add there, or somewhere similar for easy access.

  13. Aren't you worried that by adding another LED light with power taken from the puddle light, that you'll screw up the windows going down when you open the doors? (common problem with people installing aftermarket puddle lights)