Giga Castings with Sandy | Evolution of Tesla Bodies In White

Sandy and Cory discuss the evolution of Model 3 and Model Y bodies in white over the last five years. Sandy points out the massive advancements that have been made and encourages other OEMs to pursue similar efficiency and lean design.

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  1. This other guy is able to actually utter the method, idea or structure that Monroe is ostensibly trying to communicate. Monroe isn't able to communicate anything. I have little idea what he's talking about. Its just abstract with little detail and that's why historically I have been unable to trust his "analysis" – there never was any in his videos.

  2. Pardon my ignorance, but can you replace a fender or a quarter panel if you have N accident?

  3. One part seems like a great solution. However in the real world cars crash most often smashing corners, front and or back. You may say it not a problem but can you straighten ”small” dinks an bents with this solution! Don’t get me wrong this really good with some practical concerns don’t just brush these objections away, address them.
    Well said about Herbert Diess, he was a man seeking change, and as far as I am aware could not change the dinosaur management and unions all of which will loose to those who do.

  4. I owe you an apology. I made fun of you in your earliest Tesla critique of the model 3 a free years ago. I at the time thought you were just being a Luddite against an amazing car company. Boy was I wrong.

  5. I have a 2022 Model Y LR. How can I tell if I have the one piece casting like on that third evolution?

  6. how much is the weight difference on the molded version vs the precious versions?

  7. Did I hear Sandy just take credit for Teslas Giga Castings? And Elon isn't personally responsible either. Tesla the Company is Evolving. It's a TEAM effort.

  8. If we review the past videos (and this one), Sandy was the first to suggest the casting idea and started pushing it many years ago. Take a bow Sandy!

  9. I have a theory that the first EV company to make a vehicle of any kind that costs less than $25k and gets over 300 miles per charge will take over the US commuter market overnight. Currently I don't see any manufacturer poised to do that.

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  11. What about the consumer? The company wants to maximize its profits at the expense of who??

  12. As an engineer and consumer. Where is my cost savings. Their margins on those vehicles has now gone through the roof. 150 machines, hundreds of people laid off. Huge start up cost and recovery got that, but long term that vehicle is almost completely cast now. Their justification of cost premium is going away. Conversely it should to Sandy's point put pressure on the others to catch up. Look why am i paying more for a lower quality BMW x5 or 7 at the high end, and on the lower end Honda civic as well. With the cast front, rear, and structural battery pack Tesla's production quality will exceed hand built Italian race cars before long. I wouldn't be surprised to see a cast A,B,C pillar setup next which simply bolts to the front and rear. The structural glass roof and battery tie it together in the middle.

  13. As a grouchy old gray haired engineer, I 100% agree with you thoughts on how to make a vehicle!!!

  14. Am I the only one who doesn’t like the changes?
    It’s another step to worse repairability… like all the bs foam in the battery pack.

  15. I still think the cross-car beam of the battery, on which the seats sit, should be part of the body structure, and the battery inverter should be under the hood. The battery would still form the floor and the cross-car beam will give it more attachment points. These changes simplify the rear casting a little, and the assembly line workers can stand either side of the cross-car beam to do installations. The front and rear seats, the console, wiring harnesses and carpet can be installed before the battery is installed. Honda has a fold up rear seat in some of its vehicles. The space under the rear seat can be storage for driver/passengers.

  16. Wow, really surprised by Sandys closing statement on Herbert Diess. I was thinking exactly the same. VW board is stupid replacing him by the Porsche CEO.