Model Y Performance 1 Year Later | NIO Lifestyle Product Review!

A review from my mom of her Tesla Model Y Performance, one year and one day since she took delivery. Also, a bonus NIO Lifestyle product review, also from my mom. Wow!


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  1. Great video. Good to have a non biased take on the model Y. I might be one of the few of your listeners who are more bullish on Tesla than Nio. Love both companies though!

  2. That is exactly what I'm talking about! Erics Mom bought a Tesla with the battery and now is constantly worried about the batteryhealth and therefore is not using the battery to its full potential. She says that she is fine with that and I believe her but it reveals a fundamental issue to me when it comes to buying the battery with the car. These huge batteries simply do not belong in the hands of everyday Joes and Janes but should remain in the responsibility of huge companies which can monitor and recycle them if needed. Meanwhile the customer can use them to its full extent.