Tesla Model Y PPF DIY Installation Update | 2 Weeks Later, How Did It Turn Out?

This is my 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range that I just picked up about 45 days ago. a few weeks ago I installed some PPF film on my car and this is an updated video that goes over how it turned out and a cost break down vs getting a shop to do this for me.

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  1. I picked up my car this past Saturday. Earlier than expected since I was on for today, Monday. Thankfully I found a guy to do the full frontal for $1,600. That's the cheapest and he's an hour away from me. Also, I have to wait until next Monday so I'm very nervous and cautious about my front. Not gonna lie I think the paint job is getting better because I heard a rock hit the front of my car but I found nothing but a few dead bugs.

  2. It actually does not look that bad in my opinion. When my Model 3 arrives, I may attempt to do it as well.

  3. I must say i appreciate your efforts to show us all what we most likely want to attempt ourselves . I am waiting for my model Y LR after 10 months… ugly wait period as you well know… Please keep up the accessories for the vehicle so we can all see what works the best.
    floor matts , screen savers , dash displays etc..
    Cheers Andy

  4. wow that PPF looks pretty bad. Not supposed to have bubbles and eventually will get worse. You are not saving any money by doing yourself if you have to eventually rip it off and do it again. When you take to a professional installer you get a a PPF warranty for defects in the film and warranty on installation.