Tesla Gigafactory Texas 14 September 2022 Cyber Truck & Model Y Factory Construction Update(07:35AM)

Gigafactory Texas on 14 September 2022! This is where the Cyber Truck and Model Y will be built!

Many new (BIG) developments all over the site today, more than I could capture (but I tried as hard as I could)! In addition to all the projects underway around the main site, we see many interesting and large deliveries of production components and equipment today at both ends of the factory building.

We also see an increase in the number of trailers at the receiving docks on the east and west sides of the building … almost all the new receiving docks that were added are now in operation, and about 15 more almost ready as well.

Drone flight overview with discussion & illustration: 0:06 to 2:09
Drone flight footage & infographics: 2:14 to 27:29

On the east side, we see tremendous progress reshaping and reconfiguring the Warehouse on Wheels (WOW) Yard and material storage, with new, very large sections being prepared on the south and north sides, likely to allow the movement of materials, equipment, vehicles, and components away from the central construction site, which continues to expand in size.

On the far southeast, we see more drilling for core samples where the new perimeter road will be constructed, now much farther to the east of the previous locations we have seen in my previous two videos. This work appears to proceed along the path the new road will take, connecting the south SH-130 bridge area River Road all the way to the new Boring Company tunnel location near the Martin Marietta service structure.

N the south end, the horizontal drilling operation has now pulled the second HDPE water pipe (30 inch or .75m diameter) from the south side, under the river and to the north drilling location. This is the second of likely three very large pipes that will connect Giga Texas and surrounding areas to the water treatment plant just south of the Colorado river.

Activity has increased at the north electrical substation and Megapack construction site, including more deliveries of components needed for construction of the substation electrical yard, stormwater pipe installation and a new excavation on the east side, and drilling of deep and very wide bores to house the large rebar changes and mounts to support huge steel power poles. Two of these supports have been completed with concrete, and a third is being actively drilled this morning.

The final area I’d like to highlight today is the battery cathode plant and the tremendous progress that continues to impress. Exterior columns have mostly been painted with white flame-proof paint, ground slab construction and concrete application is nearing the halfway point, while stirs, mezzanine, HVAC ducting, steam pipes and interior walls are being installed on the second and third floors. The roof final insulation and weatherproof membrane installation is on the final section on the north end of the building, and this will complete the basic roof installation, pending the interfaces to the exterior walls. Speaking of which, a large new crane has arrived and is being setup, and I believe this indicates we should see concrete wall panels arriving soon for installation.

Plenty more going on today and I provide verbal narration throughout the video, so make sure you check out the entire video! Also, I’d recommend you look at my 11 September video for details on the ne Boring Company tunnel that will be built at Giga Texas.

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Drones used are DJI Mavic Mini and Mavic Air 2.

Drone flight over Giga Texas is with permission of Tesla and CEO Elon Musk


  1. In that SW pond, where's the water in those two pipes coming from❓

    Even on the slow days of construction, it's still a beehive of activity compared to Nikola and Lucid construction activities. 👍👍

  2. I have enjoyed these videos for about a year now, but the narrations have gotten way out of hand. Dial them back about 75%, trust your viewers to realize that you are actually pulling your drone back for a view that is coming next without having to be told. Also trust your viewers that they can actually see something that you are showing them without you telling them that they can see that you are showing them something. Also, being not sure what something is, is also not necessary to elucidate every damn time! You are talking WAY too much, and I do not read your comments to see if anyone else has this opinion or not. It is mine, and it is my responsibility.
    I remember seeing a Seinfeld episode a long, long time ago with, I think, Kramer having lost his sight temporarily, and his new girlfriend took to telling him everything she was going to do, or was actually doing, which was a big turn on at first. Then, it just got freaking ridiculous, and became a turn off. Your narration has gotten there for me.
    Your talents are awesome, and your videos are also. Balance is the key, and I know you are talented enough to find that.

  3. Drove by your car this morning and wondered why it was parked there. Small world to see this video recommended randomly later in the same day

  4. WOW is looking great! Even bull nose in that new area they are moving too while they prep the old area. Looks like 2nd evacuator has an orange hose down the hole suggesting someone is in there washing things off. Those are connected to the man holes just outside the casting area and lead to the north under the roads to the parking lot pull stations which looks like they have those blocked to keep them available. Hope they can figure out the issue and get that sealed.
    I have feeling that those working on the solar may be working on inverter mounting and pathways to them and then north bound wires. I can see them setting up spools on the other side of Tesla road and pulling towards the building and back spooling the wire when the new station is ready for it [basically, leaving spools loaded then emptied and pulled north]. Hopefully this gives the mechanical construction workers time to do any roof penetrations they need in the new construction areas of the main factory so they can mount more panels in those finished areas. The battery plant is far from finished IMO. Possibly see cement panels going up on the cathode plant next week. Nice to hear you think they are at 1500 a week or maybe past that?. Looking at the loading area today your probably right! I was guessing about 1350 were made the week before Labor Day. There is a lot more cars coming out now and a lot more workers it seems.

  5. Musk said this site would be a ecological paradise. Not so much; mostly concrete parking lots and buildings.

  6. I wonder if Tesla going to put in mega chargers for semi I would put them over buy the warehouse on wheels yard

  7. excellent update Joe. I used to watch your videos while I ate breakfast and enjoyed my coffee. Now they are arriving in the late afternoon early evening I have had to switch to a glass of wine. Thank you so much for the videos I am enjoying them a lot. Keep sending them out.

  8. Great video and narration Joe. Good to see accelerated level of activities across the factory.
    Surprised we have not seen shipment of 9T Giga press for CT. Hopefully soon.
    Brad’s video of the rail yard today is worth viewing. I did not know that rail yard was that big.
    Thank you for what you do Joe.

  9. Thanks Joe.
    3:11. Steel Fabrication and Storage yard. Beams, beams, beams, beams, beams. No columns. Not a new building. Infill floors for within the main building, GA east side Level 2 would seem likely.
    4:36. GA south, loading platform. Inside Level 3. Still construction lighting only.
    5:29. GA Level 2. In through the windows. Not a particularly good shot, but the bare floor decking is shown by the reflection of the overhead lighting. Concrete not placed yet.
    7:43. Paint, roof. Tarpaulin removed from the new flue between the RTO and bunkers.
    8:37. BIW, roof. Left of screen. 20 tapering rectangular cowls.
    11:13. South end, recycling trailer. Model Ys. Cast front end variants do not have a steel/metal firewall.
    12:46. South east corner. 7 mobile water storage trailers. Another 10 around the place.
    13:35. Old house site, long view. Earthworks on the south side. A tree/s may have been removed. View seems a lot more open.
    17:05. Cathode west. Apron. Stack of steel for a new building. Note the column/beam ratio. Compare to 3:11.
    17:41. Cathode west. Level 3 columns. Note the lack of a wall panel bracket wherever there is an intermediate beam. Windows or some other opening, louvres perhaps. Most of the west side is similar.
    Under the roof. Steam pipe being installed.
    20:29. New substation site. Surprisingly located monopole footing. Major new substation, maybe the entire powerline intersection gets a rearrangement.
    20:34. New substation site. 6 water storage trailers. Water from a bore hole being pumped into one of these in Jeff’s video yesterday.
    21:44. New substation site. Drain. Excavator might be cutting a temporary ramp down to the drain for the bobcat/skidsteer.
    22:23. New substation storage yard. Stack of small monopoles. There a stack of small circular rebar cages along the Old Bagging Plant access road.
    24:41. Casting, apron. Red components all seem to have wheels. Maybe anything that moves overhead is red, like the bridge cranes.
    24:51. Paint, loading platform. The ‘pumps, filters and hose crew’ have a load on the platform. Similar to what what outside Battery months ago.
    25:08. Paint, apron. Right of screen. Hold-down bolt circular alignment frame. Likely from the new flue between the RTO and the bunker.
    25:23. Plastics, apron. 3 large tanks. Weirdly rough internal surface, almost looks like badly laid brickwork. Some sort of insulation perhaps.
    Better view in Joe’s Patreon photos, and in Jeff’s video here
    26:39. MM batch plant. Excavating the north west of the waste dump.

  10. Rail strike? No, not really. It is a rail lockout. This is the rail companies doing, not the workers. Please get these things right.

  11. Traditionally, The main entrance is where flagpoles are located – my guess for the retaining wall area on the west side.

  12. I think some concrete foundations have to be placed before the electrical equipment can be placed. They are still working on the grade. It will be a while yet before we see something go vertical.