Model Y First reaction | Tesla 2022

Our first Tesla Model Y just arrived and we wasted no time to familiarise ourselves with all its awsome features, There are loads of them and some fun additions including, games you can control using the steering wheel, Neflix and disney+, Fart Pranks, and even a megaphone to shout at bad drivers. You also get two easily accessible wireless phone-charging mats located below the infotainment screen and a couple of USB-C ports for rapid device charging in the large, covered centre console storage bin. The model Y reminded us a lot of a Apple Mac and while very futuristic, an be a bit too simple for some of us traditional drivers wh are used to clicking a bottom to open the glove box, now you have to find your way through pages of setting to find this feature hat was once a one click function.

Overall Tesla has proved to be an innovator and while the Model Y isn’t perfect, which car is? starting at £52,000 this EV is definitely worth it but still out the budget for a lot of people, so hopefully Tesla will bring a sub £20,000 EV like they have promising.

0:00 – Off-loading the Model Y
0:50 – Unlocking the Model Y
1:15 – First Look Interior
1:45 – Front Trunk
1:55 – Boot / Dropping the back seats
3:45 – Rear Seats
4:08 – Toybox
5:04 – Arcade / Games
5:29 – Theater / Netflix
7:36 – White Tesla Y Arrives / Reaction
12:45 – Rear Seats
13:27 – Issues in the front
16:52 – Colouriser
17:09 – Caraoke / Karaoke
18:34 – Internet Browser
19:04 – Youtube
19:31 – Sound Test
22:01 – Reverse Camera
22:41 – Tesla Sound
22:58 – Light Show
25:17 – Horn / Custom sounds

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  1. Voice control! Press the knob on the steering wheel to activate. A passenger needs the glove box open? Say 'open glovebox'. Also you should find a USB stick in the glovebox to record your sentry incidents.