2022 RWD Tesla Model Y Autopilot Test Drive in Sydney Australia on Software Update 2022.24.8 by Tesla Tom | Ludicrous Feed


00:00 Introduction
00:37 Release Notes
01:50 Engaging Autopilot
07:11 Acceleration Launch
11:18 Transit Lane Usage
12:24 Freeway Autopilot Test
15:13 Happy Charging!



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  1. I tested autosteer. I wouldn’t sleep on these auto pilot stuff although they are i believe the best in the market. One closest best function to a human manual skills in my book is the TACC. Traffic aware cruise control by Tesla is by far the incomparable out there on automobile cruise controlling.
    Adding to just autosteer does keep lane very centralised and when curving or winding road driving if lanes are clear and no hazards on shoulders its great otherwise it will brake hard based on those road conditions. In saying that autosteer will stay on potholes because its not autosteer avoid potholes.

  2. Are you sure your car stops at red light when EAP is enabled?
    I don't think so. Better check and update this is misleading.

  3. Tom, how are you on a sunny morning in 🌏Goonellabah, North Coast NSW🌏? Great video and information on the Tesla Y.
    I will have a video on YouTube at the end of Sept 2022. Then a video two every month to finish the project in 2025

    We will raise $500 million by the end of 2025 for the development.
    Sustainable – Urban – Community – Homes

  4. Do you think the CC/AP is still using US strategy such as keeping right in the lane? Here it puts us close to oncoming traffic but opposite in the US.
    Still not very impressed by the accuracy of CC/AP with lane keeping. Maybe it will improve with ongoing calibration or future updates but it doesnt look ready for grandma. This from a share holder.
    Your bouncy gopro is giving a much exaggerated suspension wobble. 😄
    Maybe we see you using a SuperCharger in an upcoming vid…
    Thanks for sharing, your channel should grow from using this vehicle to keep Australia up to date. ✌

  5. Great vid Tom!👍
    Something bugging me about AP. When the car detects a change in speed limit why can’t it automatically set the cruise speed accordingly? Do you reckon Tesla will change that some day?
    Cheers, Mark.

  6. Does anyone know if the FSD currently enabled in NZ and AU, has the same behavior around corners as Autopilot? E.g. hugging the centreline, late turning etc. Thanks

  7. I also find in my Model 3 if Autopilot is performing a left hand turn the right hand side of the car is too close to the center of the road as happened to you. The same applies if performing a right hand turn.

  8. EAP still doesn’t recognise the traffic light. Traffic light and stop sign control is only on FSD. Based on Tesla website, is it correct?

  9. 2022.28.1 should also be incoming soon. Got this just myself this morning but haven't been for a drive with it yet, multiple route options in maps (becoming more Google/other maps like) and minimise theatre without closing option apparently.

  10. Great video and very informative Tom, I drove my brothers and model Y and I find it to be quieter than my model 3. Still rather drive my model 3 because I find it to be more sporty to drive.
    Some news that Batemans Bay has two new NRMA 75 Kilowatt charges, goto PlugShare and see the photo of a model Y and a model 3 long range, the model Y on the left is my brothers.

  11. Isn’t auto steer to be used only on highways? There is also a message when you initially activate it on screen under autopilot settings that warns you to use it on highways.

  12. Nice video.. good to see an AP only car on YT.
    Think it showed that Tesla AP is pretty damm good and gives you most of the benefits of EAP/FSD

    Given you've got the car for a few weeks could you do a back to back test of Atom v Ryzen for navigation and games.

  13. That twisty weird looking pedestrian bridge at 6:00 is a spot where AP always screws up. Stay in the right lanes that are turning right onto Epping Road and AP will do sudden phantom braking in the middle of the intersection just under that bridge. It's predictably bad at that exact spot