My Model Y Delilvery

Finally took delivery of my nice new Tesla Model Y. Here is a quick run through of me checking the vehicle over


  1. White interior! What were you thinking? Never get white interior. It shows the dirt. You'll be forever cleaning it. Better get seat covers, quick smart.

  2. Hi Grumpy! You are not as silly as You proclaimed it to be! Maybe a bit forgetful? Like all of us? Pedantic — more like it — the way I see it? Congratulations anyway! Must be a great day on Your calendar? I do envy You too! Like all of us. Great choice of colour. One more Happy Old man. And that makes two of us! Many happy miles in it Happy! Adam Dukat. Master Beekeeper. Bye.

  3. Yay! Congrats grumpy. Nice choice of color. We really should have been more precise with our check, but excitement took over. You were very precise. Hadn't heard "froot" before, makes sense for us Aussies. Have fun!

  4. Congratulations on your spanking new MY … nice to see you not so grumpy now! Should change your channel to Happy Old Man and his EVs 🤣🤣

  5. Congrats on the Y. Did I hear you say you were getting it wrapped in protective film? If you are, a vid would be great

  6. Could you do a charging test at a V3 supercharger?
    I want to see if it charges any quicker than the LFP Model 3 which maxes out at about 170kw

  7. It's silly people still check over Teslas like this, probably the best built car out of all brands and no one does this for any other brand. But nice car!