The one you’ve all been waiting for – I test drive the Tesla Model Y!

Not a full review – there’s only so much you can cover in a quick test drive! Hopefully helpful but if you still have some questions why not take a test drive yourself?

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  1. I have a model 3 and although I haven't driven the Y to compair the two the ride is very firm in the 3, to the point that I have had grumbles from back seat passengers. Tesla have used Vegan leather in all their cars since 2017. Why people still conflate luxury and the skins of dead animals is beyond me, its a very 20th century notion, a bit like internal combustion. I regularly drive from Scotland to the south of England and back and the thought of having to do that without the Supercharger network give me a cold sweat. There are EVs that are better than Tesla in some aspects, but none that are as good in every aspect and none have the Supercharger network. 3 or Y Tesla make the best all round EVs IMHO.

  2. just had an email from Osprey regarding another price increase. now a nice round £1 KW. real world mileage on my wife's e208 puts fuelling costs on a par or possibly slightly more expensive than my Porsche 911. luckily we can charge at home but many can't

  3. The rear camera only came on because you accidentally switched it on, the interior is 100% vegan leather, it is an MPV according to my V5! I did look at the whole market but bought the Y as it is simply the best for me.

  4. Do your research before getting in to the cars! Not like the Y and all Tesla’s are just out. Of course it’s Vegan Leather, Pleather, basically a new form of vinyl. No Leather! Research research research!

  5. Having owned a MY for over 6 months. I love the overall package, albeit the suspension is harsh, crashy and zero damping. The car needs air suspension and Tesla need to solve the phantom braking issue on auto steer.

  6. Thanks for the review. And glad to hear you haven't and probably never will join the church of Elon. I never got myself into Tesla bashing, frankly,. I considered a M3 SR+ myself, but not having a secure option for a trailer hook ("you can only place your order and hope for the best") and the increase in price (+2000 EUR, and couple of months later another +7000 EUR) made me ordering a MG ZS EV Max Lux 2022 model. Not the same league with Tesla M3, but also nice and definitely both a daily driver and well suited for long distance travel – without the SC network of course. Is it true the Model Y comes with a hatchback like other SUV but no cover/lid to hide what's in the boot? How did you get along with the touch screen controls? I had a MG5 for a day and not having A/C control via physical buttons unlike in my ZS EV almost drove me nuts…but then, many other touch screen fiddling that can distract you thoroughly. Wonder if Tesla is the same (and Model Y and Model 3 being one of a kind so to speak). Nice shirt by the way. 🙂

  7. an interesting, if short, unbiased, non fanboy review. If this is indicative of the length of test drives offered by gridserve then I would recommend booking one via Tesla website at your local Tesla service centre.

    we had an hour when we test drove the model 3 with no irritating salesperson breathing down our necks.

  8. Fantastic review I personally think that the y ia better than the a q in my opinion, by the way I think the Renault isn't such a good deal, when you factor the distance option I think the ami will be better

  9. I recently watched a video where famous deconstruction engineer Sandy Munro stated that Tesla are still up to ten years ahead of most of their the competition in terms of "under the bonnet" technology, although Chinese brands are catching up. Apparently Tesla save on microchips by using one circuit board where the competition use three to eight. Until that point I was neutral about the brand but I now understand why their owners are so enthusiastic about them.

  10. Tesla is really still a one model brand. It could become the generic taxi nobody wants to be seen owning.
    Time to employ a stylist ………..unless you are a cult member/get rich quick shareholder – as opposed to an owner like me.

  11. A fair review. You could have done more Tesla fan boy bashing to get more clicks on the channel. I have seen loads of videos that don't do much in the way of driver impressions. It seems like you are most smitten so far by the polstar. Hope you have a few more gridserve tests to come.

  12. You have to tell it as you see it. I ran a model X for a week a couple of years back and despite the fully optioned £140k price tag (it was fully optioned) it did leave a bit to be desired on shut lines, metal touching metal on the Falcon doors and the plastics. However, this Y looks a big step ahead for that extra few years evolution. With the flakey public charging, Tesla superchargers are still THE big USP.

  13. can you look into the plastics they need for EV's because that just looks plastic, that is from oil. nearly new Maserati for that price, EV's are just not worthy

  14. I like my white Model Y and you are right, the optional white interior is nicer. Dirt just seems to bounce off it, for now anyway.

  15. I went for a test drive a few months back and was seriously interest before I test drove. All round I found it a good package with two exceptions. The suspension is dreadful, hard and passes through all road imperfection. The seat is exactly the same as model 3, it works in the model 3 but for me was pretty dreadful in the higher up position of the model Y

  16. Apart from the Model S I find the whole Tesla range very bland to look at… I couldn't feel happy to jump in and love these vehicles…

    The seats have a synthetic leather – it lasts longer than real leather.. I prefer alcantara..

    The lack of heads-up display is a big miss for Tesla vehicles.

    EVs for me are best for the commuter market but then plug in hybrids can cover that base..

  17. Very fair and articulate comments. I test drove one and proceeded to order with delivery at the end of the year

  18. Great honest first look/review, for a long distance people lugger it really seems spot on, but there are some issues for me with cost/value and safety of the single screen for 'in flight' adjustments to climate etc.

  19. How does this car not have a third headrest in the rear?
    It just makes no sense not to have one in this kind of vehicle. It is an extremely important safety feature. The standard test procedures don't account for this, because they never put dummies in the middle seat…

    I just don't get it. With three kids, this alone would be a deal breaker for me, if I could afford this thing.

  20. Not a massive fan of the Tesla models. Our company will not allow them on the car scheme due to build quality/warranty and paint issues . The stylings not amazing Kia’s look so much better and more modern for example. The ethos on synthetic leather is that it’s vegan and greener it’s a total spin! Thanks for the review great content