2022 Model Y Delivery Day Inspection Checklist Australia and Autopilot Test Drive by Tesla Tom
Many thanks to viewer Ross for allowing me to take delivery on his behalf of his brand new 2022 Tesla Model Y RWD in Sydney Australia!

Model Y Delivery Checklist adapted from GitHub


00:00 Introduction
00:42 Arrival at Tesla Delivery Centre
01:05 Key Cards!
01:54 Cooling Off Period
02:19 Exterior Walkaround
05:50 Number Plates
06:49 Second Row Inspection
07:55 Boot Inspection
08:24 Universal Mobile Connector
10:41 Testing the Exterior Lights
11:39 Inspecting the Frunk Bonnet
12:39 Glass Inspection
13:07 Driver Seat
13:38 Centre Console Inspection
13:59 Checking Wireless Charging
14:07 Checking Power Windows
14:20 Checking Cameras
14:30 Adjusting Steering Column
14:50 Interior Lighting
15:03 Climate Control
16:45 Driving Off!
17:11 Infotainment Screen Settings Walkthrough
20:11 Test Drive!
21:11 Autopilot Calibration
21:55 Freeway Test Drive
24:06 Sydney Harbour Bridge
25:55 Bonus Autopilot Tutorial



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  1. Congrats Tom. I got my last week. The gaps between panels are really huge!!! Other than that, pretty happy with it.

  2. It’s interesting that consumers have accepted that a check like this is the norm when taking delivery of what is essentially a premium car. I do like Tesla and I hope in the future, these checks will no longer be necessary.

  3. I test drove a Blue Tesla Model Y today and had to place an order on a rear wheel drive. It drove way better and faster than I expected. Also the Tesla salesman said the prices went up recently in the U.K so is possible they will rise here too so I didn't want to wait. Just requested a novated lease estimate based on the new EV legislation. Can't wait til it arrives next year!

  4. Tom, can you do video on how the parking sensor works for the front and back, how does it work compared to normal car please? Does it beep for both front and back, the corner… I ordered one and new to Tesla car. Thanks

  5. why does it need you as a customer (or behalf) to have a such detailed check before delivery? We suppose to just drive away in Australia. And they have warranty for any build quality issues.

  6. wow, looks very tidy, has more space in the front boot and the back boot compared to Atto 3.
    However this is $77,600 drive away.

  7. Why Tom do you dive in the right lane when the left lane is empty? All it does is force emergency and other vehicles to weave between cars using the left and right lanes.
    It's quite simple, Keep Left Unless Overtaking!

  8. It seems strange that a car sitting in delivery for a day or so cannot be Fully Charged before the owner picks it up.
    Surely each car could be hooked up to a charger when it arrives at the warehouse!

  9. Mr Tesla Tom, Tom between friends, Please put us out of our collective sadness and film an epic video of epic electric proportions of your own delivery of the boss's Model Y. It's taking a toll waiting. Cheers Distressed Fan.

  10. I just took delivery of my Model Y in Canberra. The car was brought up to me in a dark carpark making it very hard to see anything. The car was obviously blocking the way for other owners to inspect their cars as well. They told me I had 7 days to report any issues by lodging a service report. I noticed that the rear driver's side door wasn't aligned properly so had to put in a service report. I was given two keycards and didn't get anything else. I felt it was a bad experience compared to when I got my Model 3 which was delivered to my house during Covid lockdown! They had scheduled multiple other people to collect their cars at the same time and there was a real pressure to either take the car and drive off allowing others to get theirs.

  11. 0:51 is the ‘Letter of Authority’ an offical Tesla masthead PDF (can’t seem to find one online)? or it’s a general NSW / AU letter of authority that can be found online? Could you post a weblink to the best Letter of Authority template in the YouTube description box incase people want to use it for themselves?

  12. Where’s Ross in the comments? Haha. I pick mine up today in Alexandria too. Was hoping for a 100% charge

  13. You should consider offering a pick up and outside inspect of car and drop off a Tesla car ‘service’ for those that live in Sydney / Gosford / Newcastle (?) / Penrith / Blue Mountains (?) / Wollongong (?) ~ charge the customer the Uber fee from your house to Tesla car warehouse (& divide figure by 0.7 for tax) + AU$100 per hour that it takes you to go from your house to pickup vehicle & inspect it & drive it back to your house or car buyers house & time it takes you to get back home in an Uber – if 3 hours it’s AU$300 (& divide that figure by 0.7 for tax) + Uber fare from customers house to your house & divide that figure by 0.7 for tax.
    Example: $70 Uber + $300 for 3 hours + $130 uber = $500 divide by 0.7 = AU$715 is the cash/electronic-payment quote to give to person wanting car picked up and inspected and delivered

  14. This is the exact Tesla I plan to buy in the future, model Y metallic blue. One day I will own one of my own.

  15. You one of the few ppl I would also surprisingly trust driving my new EV i must say. Can’t wait when they start implementing wireless charging = EV Gen 2.

  16. Very informative video for the Australia audience, how someone else can pickup your Tesla car on behalf of you (if proper paperwork of ‘authority to pickup by a third party’ are filled out)

  17. I admire the Tesla brand in general but doing a very thorough check like this before you drive out seems a bit annoying. For their price tag you would assume everything is perfect.

    Thanks for this video guys.