EASY and Effective Tesla Model 3 or Model Y Cleaning

My SUPER effective way I clean my car. I detail every product and step used to clean my tesla model 3. There isn’t a long list or a big entry cost to doing so, I myself started with a few bits and then built up the different products from there. I still use a mop bucket today as part of the two-bucket process. From Meguiars Shampoo to Valet Pro Snow Foam. We talk about it all from a beginner’s perspective.

My Kit list, with mainly Amazon links to all of the CLEANING PRODUCTS:

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00:00​ Intro
02:01 Current dirty condition
03:00 Step One: Starting Right
04:50 Step Two: When Did It Snow?
06:27 Step Three: Dunk The Mitt Where?
11:01 Step Four: Wheelie And The Arches
13:05 Step Five: Towel Dry
13:43 Step Six: Tyre Love Juice
14:52 Step Seven: Glass Cleaning
15:33 Mini-Montage
16:10 Conclusion