Is it possible that a price cut on the Tesla Model Y is coming in the future? It looks like it could happen thanks to new battery technology in the works that would allow the automaker to cut costs significantly—if Tesla can figure out the manufacturing process.

According to a report from Automotive News, Tesla is poised to reduce costs by increasing battery cell size and utilizing a new process to “dry-coat” electrodes. This process could allow Tesla to reduce the price of the Model Y 4680 battery by half, which would shave approximately 8 percent off the total retail price, according to the report. Unfortunately, it will be a while before this new technology is ready for prime time. According to 12 experts close to Tesla that AN spoke to, the dry-coat batteries are only about halfway through development.

The dry-coat technology that Tesla is working on came from its acquisition of Maxwell Technologies, a San Diego company that produced supercapacitors, which store energy for things that need quick, strong bursts of electricity, such as camera flashes. The tech Maxwell used to produce its supercapacitors became the basis for what Tesla is doing with its dry-cell 4680 batteries, which it began producing this year at its plants in California and Texas #tesla #model y