Day 5 – Gone Fishing in Minnesota, in the Model Y

My buddy Lee and I are on a Two week 1700 mile road trip to Minnesota to do some fishing in the Model Y. Tag along and we will experience lots of cool things along the way as we drive cross country in the Tesla Model Y. Have a Look.


Charging Adaptors

Modern Spare


Tesla Model Y and 3 Drivetrain explained by Weber Auto

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You will love your Tesla

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  1. Dave, did you lower it to 8 amps? I just got back from northern MN. I started charging at my cabin at 12 amps but the old fuse box was getting rather warm so I lowered it to 10 amps.

  2. slowest chargerate ever.. you are a patient man indeed. And I think my 6.7kwh type2 homebox is slow.

    Man… Minnesota looks like Norway… Just like home

  3. Thanks for sharing your trip and the tesla tips. As a native Minnesotan and current resident the north shore/arrowhead region was a great choice. Hopefully you got some of betty’s pies and caught lots of fish. I’m looking forward to receiving my white LR MY in November according to app and will benefit from your knowledge!

  4. Been on a couple of trips where the Model 3 could just sit and charge at the lowest possible rate for a few days since we weren’t going to be driving it anywhere. Over 24 hours to charge? NO PROBLEM!

    Saw you took I-35 through Duluth. We were there a few years ago and when we past the END I-35 sign, it sort of felt like dropping off the end of the world. Beautiful scenery, especially Split Rock Light House.