Tesla Model Y (A Paradigm Shift)

A quick look and review of our new Model Y.


  1. I've got a Chevy Bolt electric car, put 176k miles on it so far. It's great for long commute.
    I get a laugh when we are camping with a 8v92 bus, and electric car.

  2. Thanks for showing this vehicle. I think it's the most practical Tesla yet and priced mildly reasonable. You might want to have a map handy of non-Tesla charging lots as well, at least compatible ones. Gosh the 48-amp 240v home charger is $400-500. Then u gotta get a 50 amp double throw breaker with some 8-3 Romex. Conduit if u can find some in a trash heap 😂. I guess you'll recoup that cost in due time. Between your veg oil and ev car, Shell oil is going to start having you followed! Oh, I'm making the next challenge: now you have to match the Tesla tech in your truck. Or if not the truck then whatever the next project car is. I think you can settle for a 10 inch Samsung tablet that becomes the center of information. Also has to mount factory-smooth and is connected to the speakers of course. Well you could do dual tablets and run Torque pro dedicated to one and entertainment on the other.