Tesla Gigafactory Texas 19 September 2022 Cyber Truck & Model Y Factory Construction Update (7:45AM)

Gigafactory Texas on 19 September 2022! This is where the Cyber Truck and Model Y will be built!

Major milestone reached with the 10,000th Model Y produced at Giga Texas, and there is no end in sight for continued ramping up of production and new construction! So much progress to see today on site!
In the video introduction, we also discuss some of the large modular components arriving at the paint shop, the company producing these items and what they are!

Drone flight overview with discussion & illustration: 0:06 to 3:03
Drone flight footage & infographics: 3:08 to 30:05

A few details you’ll see in the video include more excavation work on the south ramp, with a large section of concrete broken up and removed as well as new core sample drilling on the east side on what was the transport pickup section of this ramp. New Model Y’s continued to be temporarily staged on the western half before being moved to the new east staging and transportation lot.
We see new trees & vegetation have been delivered (from the staging area west of the main highway, as seen in my previous video) to the new architectural feature wall located across the road from the west main entrance. It appears we will see a landscaped area around the stylized retaining wall, but what else may be installed here is yet to be determined. On the main landing and stairs in front of the glass front doors, many workers were busy in and around the doors, stairs, and railing, but for what, I could not tell in the time I was there. Clearly some work is planned.
On the north end and related to the information presented in the video introduction, we see many more deliveries or large equipment wrapped in plastic, red and white scaffolding and platform materials, and HVAC ducting at the paint shop. We also see components that appear to be for a second Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) system being prepared for movement inside and installation. This may be needed as the expansion of the paint shop modular processing lines continues.
At the north electrical substation construction site, we see the overall grading work on the main area appears completed, while work on the east storm water pipe drain, we see a much more finished outfall channel and area and a redirected road. An excavator is filling in the last of the large pit used to install the concrete pipes. Further north, the last of the four new power pole mounts is about to see drilling begin, and on the south end, we see a lot more materials for the construction of the actual substation have been delivered.
A lot of progress at the battery cathode plant, more exterior walls have been installed on the east side, while crews are busy installing HVAC ducting, steam and other pipes, interior walls and other equipment on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Further to the north of this interior work, we see excavation work on the ground floor in the large open sections of the structure near the north end. This appears to be for heavily reinforced foundations for heavy equipment, possibly more furnaces and calcinators.
The eat Warehouse on Wheels (WOW) Yard has expanded further, especially to the south now and many rows of trailers are now present, yet another signal that interior production is continuing to ramp further. Other work around the WOW yard shows continued reconfiguration of the entire east material staging, trailer and vehicle staging, while other areas show materials have been moved from the north end to a new section on the southeast.
Finally, the east new vehicle temporary parking and transportation pickup yard is now operational, with a manned checkpoint and entry area for trucks and many Model Y’s waiting to be picked up and transported to the new rail head about 30 miles north near Hutto Texas.
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Drones used are DJI Mavic Mini and Mavic Air 2.

Drone flight over Giga Texas is with permission of Tesla and CEO Elon Musk


  1. 25:52 Given that the house has made it this far, I think it deserves preservation as an historic landmark. At least four trees apparently have achieved this status.

  2. I wonder if there are any other cases where the factory build-out and production ramps are so overlapped.

  3. 4:20 in the upper screen you can see a model y testing on the rumble strips they have in the corner of the parking lot. Circles several times and backs over some bumps also while the drone is in the area.

  4. Joe, I think the word you may be reaching for when describing the ‘poles’ connecting the switchyard to the existing transmission line is “pylons”. Or at least that’s what we Brits call them: Electricity Pylons. 😀

  5. At 5:46, you can see the red-circle's that determine the outside perimeter of the to-be-built extension passing just by the electrical cabinet. At 5:58 you can see the red dots continuing in the parking spots all the way to the section that is being removed (was visible in the video from last Friday, check my comment there for the exact timestamps).
    At 13:35, you can see that installation of the solar-panels has resumed. The installation continuous in the space between the "T" and "E" on the top-side of the "E".

  6. Nice one Joe, as always..Have you done any content on Tesla's Rail Road terminal? Love to see what they're up to.. Thankx..

  7. I can get over how beautiful this building is with the modern minimalist clean design and those huge windows. You have to compare to more traditional factories to appreciate this. Thanks for the work you put into making these videos.

  8. Maybe there is a restrictive covenant that prevents the house from being demolished. No tearing it down until great great granny kicks off?

  9. <I have about 5% of my portfolio in uranium stock, any advice on any other stock that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

  10. What amazes me is I haven't heard of anyone being killed or injured on any of the jobs SpaceX etc. Am I wrong ? and there is a lot of employees and a lot of work. And his employees love him I see him get hugs from people that work for him. China loves Elon.


  12. Instead of building the temporary platforms for second and third levels of the factories they should install permanent uprights and girders when they put the originals up. They could instal concrete roofs on them and floors in them for additional use and they might be more cost effective.

  13. 13:25 “Let’s move the drone up, away from the SWIFT driver…” 😂 Seriously, how many times did he try to back into the dock?

  14. 3:45 I don't get it why they have pour all that concrete only to break it and remove it couple months later. They could have just paved this area knowing they wanted to make an extension to giga texas, must be costly to pour all that concrete and remove it. 🤷‍♂

  15. Thank you so much and am happy for your detailed information. God Bless and the next time I am down to Tesla offices I will make sure I spend time visiting u. Maybe for coffee or lunch. Timothy J. Owens, PhD.

  16. Thanks Joe
    4:30. Hardstand. Slab demolition. My money is on drainage works. Until the geo-pier machine arrives.
    5:04. Steel Fabrication and Storage yard. The column to beam ratio doesn’t support a building…….
    When it gets to something like 1 column per 8 beams, I’ll reassess. For now it’s 0 columns per 200 beams.
    8:45. Main Entrance. Removed some facing trim from the door frame structure.
    9:59. GA ramp. Scissor lift with the guardrails folded down. Driving it from the regular controller that hangs on the guardrail.
    10:04. Battery, apron. Mini tracked crane beside the stair.
    11:58. Plastics, apron. New RTO components. Components with the vertical plywood sheeting would be upper sections.
    Berlin RTO here for reference.
    Fan units with the yellow motors. Over a dozen of this style delivered over the last month.
    15:15. New substation site. A thrust block to anchor the drain, perhaps. This short length of drain is on a wild angle, 1 in 20ish. Bob Callahan suggests it’s a leak control collar.
    16:22. MM batch plant. Crushed concrete waste stockpile. Dumper trucks shifting the waste over to the expanded WOW.
    18:03. Cathode. Left of the tent. Drainage works and a pile of structural steel. A Plumbing Permit application lodged on the 14th for “below and above ground plumbing for Cathode are Cell Test building, 2560 square foot freestanding structure”.
    Possibly this small part of the site.
    18:52. Cathode, east. Level 1. Wide and shallow excavations inside. Setdowns, or slab thickenings. Geopiers visible. Another marked.
    19:31. Cathode, east. Infilled between the floor slab and columns.
    20:49. Cathode, south. One column has a narrow plate spanning across the web at the panel attachment point.
    21:22. Cathode, Level 3. Steam pipe. Multiple chain blocks or winches used to hoist up the pipe.
    23:06. East of Cathode. Right of screen. Possible BTC site offices. Strange arrangement of the concrete legos. Planning on elevating the site offices?
    23:52. Far east. Removed sections of floor. Would have been interesting to watch.
    24:05. Far east. About centre of screen. The evaporation pond aerator.
    26:02. WOW yard. Top left. Heavy or tall loads being craned off a pair of low-loaders.
    28:04. BIW, apron. Offices trailers moved from the easement.

  17. They seem to be carefully excavating the concrete in a particular shape. Implies they are not going to rip out the entire south concrete area.

  18. Hey Joe, I am just very curious, why do you call a flat parking lot a “ramp“? Am I missing something here?

  19. The trailers on the south lots are ALL empty Joe. That is WHY all their doors are open. They are put there to get them out of the way. It cuts congestion in the WOW yard by having the trucks picking up the empties over in a separate area. Getting rid of the empty trailers is as big a logistical problem as making room for all the incoming materials. Ive been in the Trucking industry. As a driver and as a dispatcher. Its like pulling teeth to get a driver to haul an empty trailer that they may have to take a couple hours away to pick up a load. They do not get paid squat for it, but their fuel costs are still a lot higher than running without a trailer.

  20. I’m surprised that they would be breaking the concrete up so close to the cars, I would think that pieces of concrete would hit them.