Tesla Model Y 5 Things That Bug Me After 1 Month

5 things that bug me after owning my 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance for only 1 month.

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  1. your big issue with noise is those stupid selection of tires, no side wall and over stretched, suggest going to w 19" tire / wheels with a 45 profile wall and 255 width.

  2. So I'm about 2 months behind you on delivery of my Model Y Long Range. In my many texts back and forth with Tesla they say that I can easily install a roof rack. Do you see roof rack slots on yours? Just curious! Thanks for the vid, Michael

  3. The human ear isn't going to be able to notice 2 decibels. Waste of time and effort. Your TIRES are what is causing the road noise.

  4. Appreciate your Tesla Y comments to date, especially this one on what bugs you. Keep up the your Tesla documentary journeys. BTW we were just notified our model Y LR is about to be assembled InFremont

  5. it's crazy how cheap these cars are compared to the prices they charge…..I have a 2018 model 3 and this pos sounds like a tin can driving around.