TESLA GIGA BERLIN MODEL Y & Software: Mode Update

Credit Giga Austin: Jeff Roberts…
Credit Giga Berlin: Tobias Lindh​​​
Credit Giga Shanghai: WUWA:
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  1. And I assume there are no news about the white interior?.
    It will add 2k EUR to my price with vat. added in Norway after 31.12-2022, just because I was stupid enough to order white interior early in 2020😢

  2. Ordered my MYP in June since they promised me to get mine fra Berlin within the year in Norway. It's very very important that Norway is prioritized due to new taxation on EVs from 2023. I still only have a reservation number and crossing everything for that i can get delivery within 2023

  3. Many people waiting for delivery of their MYLR in Sweden just got EDD Jan – March 2023 this Sunday. Been jumping from Aug-Sept 2022 to November…

  4. Joe mode is brilliant with small kids/ babies in the car. Often when driving they fall asleep, and as a parent this is heaven. Then have "loud" sounds from the Tesla system wake them is not good. Joe mode is much less loud and won't wake them as easy. 👶