2023 Tesla Model Y with BONOSS 18mm Wheel Spacers Install|Before and After

With BONOSS wheel spacers on the 2023 Tesla Model Y can help your vehicle perform better on the road. By widening the track, they will improve the handling of curves and swerving. As the handling improves, you will experience better control. After installing 18mm wheel spacers on the 2023 Tesla Model Y/Model Y Performance, your tires have a greater track width to provide better stability to the vehicle at high speeds and while cornering. The resistance to rollover enhances when the wheels are moved outwards from the vehicle hub.
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*Product data:
BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers BLM series (formerly bloxsport)
Work on: Tesla Model Y/Model Y Performance/Model Y Long Range/Model 3/Model 3 Performance 2021/2022/2023…
Material: AL6061-T6 & AL7075-T6
Thickness: 18mm