Tesla Model Y Did I Just Brick the Battery at 0%?!?!

During a range test on my Tesla Model Y, I drove the car down to 0% state of charge. Fortunately I was able to get my Tesla to a nearby Supercharger without issue, however, when I arrived, my Tesla Model Y would not charge! After about 5 minutes of waiting, and seeing no improvement in charging speed, I was afraid I had killed my Tesla’s battery. 5 more minutes passed and the car started to charge normally, meaning it was fine after all. Although I do not recommend bringing your Teslas battery down to 0% ever, I had to do this to show the real world range of our 2021 Tesla Model Y.


  1. Oh no brother. Hope this resolved for you. Super slow charge to begin with the pack empty. Curious how the next charging sessions go for you. How many miles were you able to travel at 0%?

  2. Why would you even let it go that low in the first place? Teslas trip planner will never put you in this situation unless there’s an emergency

  3. you're brave 😂 I have anxiety right now as my car is in the shop until prob sat and it's already down to 112 miles. When pick it up I'll either try to drive it 1+ hr to my house and charge it at home or say bump that and go to the nearest supercharger at charge for 15 minutes. Hmmm 🤔

  4. Excellent information. Reminds me why I never go down to ZERO. Did that plenty of times on my LAST Tesla and the battery degraded a lot faster.

  5. BTG, you've got to know many people will just read the headline and/or only watch the first few seconds and walk away with the wrong perception that Tesla batteries fail, perpetuating an ongoing common myth. This is evident in some of the comments. Sure, the negative headline gets the click / view (it got me), but at what cost? It's bad enough when media does it, but makes me sad when a fair and positive YouTuber does it.

  6. The BMS is bottom balancing, another thing Tesla does really well and a good idea when you put lots of miles on it, do a top and bottom balance to reset the BMS. Only Tesla has really great tech, MMM, may have to sell my Ionic 5 and get a Model Y AWD long range Ryan Shaw says his recent delivery is much better on the suspension and much quieter. Always great to tune in to your channel!

  7. Hey buddy you might need to get a bank loan on a second mortgage for your house since you literally just fried your lithium Tesla battery have fun paying that for the next 20 years

  8. If you completely drain a Tesla battery you need to send your car back to Tesla for calibration and all that type of shit lmao they usually make it very clear