Tesla Model Y Overview

An overview of the Australian 2022 Tesla Model Y.

00:00 – intro
00:36 – Model Y compared to Model 3
01:30 – Model Y storage space
04:59 – How to get into the car
05:23 – inside the car
07:12 – climate control
08:10 – Seat adjustments
09:23 – Center Console Storage
11:00 – Cameras
11:21 – Hazard lights
12:10 – Back seats
13:01 – Some car controls and profiles
16:46 – Start driving
19:04 – One pedal driving with regenerative breaking
21:55 – Overview of autopilot


  1. Greeting from NY-USA. Nicely done, very entertaining & informative. Mine is arriving in the Nov-Dev '22 timeframe, replacement for my '21 (but that is another conversation). Best of luck and enjoyment, and yes, I will subscribe 🙂 BTW, getting the same color

  2. Oh and as someone deeply entrenched in the Apple eco system, I'd be very keen to know how/if you use Apple Car play and just how you integrate your watch in all this.

  3. Thank you for your clear, detailed, informative and engaging video. I have the Y in the same colour on order, so am soaking up instructional videos like a sponge. It is really refreshing to see one made by and (almost) Aussie (nod to the SA accent there)in an Aussie car on Aussie roads. And the delight you have in your vehicle comes shining through. Am subscribed and will spread the word!! Thank you.

  4. NaGC [Lee] have you considered listing your email address and instagram details on the 'About' page on youtube, and also put those details in each videos 'Description Box'? Incase people want to contact you

  5. In the intro, perhaps you should also say your exact height in cm 155'cm and 5 foot 1 (etc). By the way which town/city are you based in, and what cities/towns do you frequently visit in a month/year?

  6. Not a bad overvierw at all, my only issue is you don’t drink coffee, so not sure we can remain friends. 😏