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You read that correctly!

Tesla has apparently started to release their Model Y vehicles last month which are capable of driving over 1 million miles without severe battery degradation or failure. The drive motors inside these cars are also capable of up to 1/2 million or more miles, which improves mean time between failure.

Tesla has spent years researching and developing some of the most advanced battery packs since their original pack design for the Tesla Roadster released in 2008. Tesla appears to be a decade ahead of their closest competitors in electric vehicle technology.

We hope you find this video insightful and as these newer design Tesla vehicles reach this one million mile benchmark, we suspect the conversion to electric vehicles will become even more rapid.

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  1. Hummm … wait there. Those original roadster's batteries were not made for super fast charging, there were no superchargers available, and were ketp charging during the night. If today's pack management systems were in place, how long would they even last? The same applies to the original model S(s). The real problem is: how to compare battery tech with low charging and dicharging speeds from 10 years ago with new and always evolving tech with the availability of hyperchaging speeds through times? We don't. We'll only know it 10 years later. But there is a pattern: the less you fast/hypercharge your battery, and unless you own a lfp pack, the less you charge to 100 pct, the better. The real improvement has been in the number of cycles and in the energy density but we are still kept in the 20-80 pct state of charge. It's obvious what's the current restriction to overcome. Oh, I liked this video.

  2. I’m wondering whether the suspension and frame can handle the vibration and bumps of a million miles. Also the longevity of the electronics. The seats, carpets, and seals; the plastics exposed to UV… batteries and motors may be the last things to give out, but you might have to replace the rest of the car every 200-300k miles.

  3. I like Elon saying replacing modules instead of whole pack when they fail, although all that service centers are allowed to do is to replace the entire pack IFAIK

  4. Dr Jeff Dahn is amazing!.. His method for predicting the battery life using ultra precise coulometry that he developped in his lab in Halifax is simply awsome!. He is also behind the NMC chemistry succes. By definition, the Chevy volt battery like i have has been designed to operate between 20-80% SOC but not only for longevity but also to keep a "good enough" =) gap of capacity still avilable for taking the regen when it is already full (80%) as well as when it is "empty" at 20% so it always see 20% availlable for acceleration and regen to stay away from the battery voltage sag of the low or high SOC

  5. Might want to recheck your maths there, Pete.
    Earth to moon is 250,000 miles (actually 238,900) so one million is only two trips there and back, not four.

  6. LFP and the solid state batteries are the future.
    Ternary Li-ion ones with 20%-80% charge are not.

  7. I think you might be missing a few facts. Everything you’ve stated about Lithium Ion batteries was accurate, until you started mentioning the 4680 batteries. I don’t believe that Tesla has figured out how to get 15,000 charge cycles from there 4680 Lithium Ion batteries. The 4680 major improvement is a higher energy density.

    The 15,000 charge cycle claim, I believe, is in relation to the newer Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries that Tesla is now using in the Model 3 standard range. That chemistry has more charge cycles so they would be the million mile battery packs mentioned.

    I believe the 4680 battery might come in both chemistries, but I’m not sure.

  8. Pete, Apologies, but lose the mirrored glasses. Your content is worthy, but I find the glasses distracting. While I like to think about the future as much as anyone, I want to know what you can do for me now. I drive a 2017 ModelS 90D with all of the options available at purchase and the MCU upgrade. On my wish list faster charging, air suspension that improves ride quality not just scrapes to the front air dam. Interior space in the front door wells. I have free supercharging for life as well as premium audio… I don’t give a hoot about wraps, spoilers and wheels. I know there are 3rd parties upgrading 90KWH packs to 100KWH despite what Tesla says.
    Love what you are doing.

  9. Very fascinating video on the battery life of Tesla vehicles. I've seen 200k miles of model 3 videos with over 90% capacity retention so that gives me full confidence that my 2018 model 3 will last for a long time which I plan on keeping. Thanks Pete for these videos on the evolution of Tesla and they have changed the world forever on making battery electric vehicles desirable.

  10. Probably another theory of good battery use is if you have to charge to full, use it strait away while warm….as it decreases thermal shock aswell.

  11. Wie immer sehr gut gemachtes Video mit fundierten Fakten.
    Wo gibt es das Video mit Martin Eberhard zu sehen, bitte?
    Und Peter: warum die Sonnenbrille in geschlossenen Räumen?🤔😎

  12. How can you tell if your Tesla has these motors? I took delivery of my Model Y end of March.

  13. A million miles is about $150,000 in gas savings, even more if your previous vehicle was a gas guzzler.

  14. I got 128k on the clock 2016 facelift S70 in the Uk m. I own it for a year now and the range didn’t change 192-242 miles(typical-rated) it’s goes 200 still on a good day when it was new the range was 223 that’s what I heard.
    About the charging speed last year from low state it could start 118kw now the max is 97kw but the curve is still as good as when was new. Around 1.5 month ago on a road trip actually I had a really flat curve it was in the 90kw-s all the way up till around 60% and I had a 20-90% charge in 25 min. It’s funny as it was close to 0 Celsius degrees out there. It was a massive site I was the only one charging there. Could be a software issue? Who knows? I never had faster charging before. Tesla is great but the service center and their mechanics are a nightmare.
    Last year they damaged a doorcard but they changed it after two weeks of nagging. Now last week they put a new memory chip in the mcu and in the process of taking the dashboard apart they managed to scratch the top of my steering wheel, also slightly bled an aluminium frame above the screen. Put an autistic kid inside the car with a sharp tool for 2 hours and the damage would be less then after a Tesla professional service staff.

  15. Shocks, struts, bushings, ball joints, etc don’t last a million miles. And the body rusts.

  16. I absolutely think a Tesla *should be able to drive a million miles. That would quickly justify the expense of buying a new Tesla with the 4680 cells if the claims are proven true over time. How many new ICE vehicles would you need to buy in order to achieve a million miles? And how many engines, transmissions, radiators, water pumps, steering pumps, etc. would it take to do it in that vehicle? If it can be proven that a Tesla can realistically be driven for a million miles without major component replacement expense, then it will suddenly transform Tesla into the "least expensive" (in the long run) new car you could buy. Of course, as technology improves and new features come to the fore, nobody will really keep their Tesla for a million miles, but it should definitely keep the value of such a vehicle relatively high on the used vehicle market. I hope all this turns out to be true!

  17. Most cars today don’t stop running because the motor dies, it’s because they get wrecked or because people get tired of all the little things wrong with them. I think a 250k mile powertrain is enough.

  18. As I understood from Elon way back the model S is a LLV long, life, vehicle, much like the military, or post office.
    Now there are a number of model S's that have past the million mile mark, and the cars still looked good.
    Can't remember the name of the company that were doing it one did nothing but legal papers between LA, Sacramento, San Francisco,San Diego, Las Vegas.
    The other outfit was in Europe doing something similar.

  19. Wē-ber not Web-er. That channel is really interesting & informative. Watching their tear downs reduced my concerns about my own hybrid as I didn't know the difference between cvt & ecvt.

  20. A former rideshare company called Tesloop had several Model S and Xs with over 800,000 miles a few years back And that was without all of the battery management science that we have now.

  21. I wonder if there is a software update that can get longer range. I know it’s possible.

  22. Lots of good information. Thank you. Strongly considering an EV for my next vehicle.