Tesla global delivery wait times now longest EVER

Tesla global delivery wait times now longest EVER

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  1. I just checked my estimated delivery for my Cybertruck….now blown out to 2026. I reserved a year ago……may need to change to a Model 3…

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  3. I just ordered a MYLR and it is expected to be delivered in September this year here in Europe. If I ordered the midnight silver it would be October.
    The price is not so funny, it was almost us$ 82,000 but that is pretty normal in my country

  4. The Tesla Model Y with 4860 cells makes no sense to me, what am I missing. Why use these cells if you are going to make such a low-range car? Why not use the LFP battery like the Model 3 to make an entry-level Model Y? If they finally make a long-range 4860 Model Y, what will it cost 70k?

  5. So according to this sites past predictions of legacy auto manufacturers going broke over every tiny problem , does this mean Tesla is going to go broke .??????

  6. Hey Viking, have you made a video on (how in the world do you supercharge a Tesla vehicle when you're towing something) yet? Every single supercharging station I've been to you wouldn't be able to charge if towing something. This could be a bigger problem once the cybertruck comes out. Also if you're towing something some distance you need to supercharged even more due to the extra weight.

    Is this poor planning on Tesla? 🤷

  7. Delivery time for a model Y in Europe is August 2022 (long range and performance). For a model 3 is February 2023. Model 3 performance is September 2022. Model S en X can be ordered but price and delivery times will only be communicated once delivery nears. In fact it is a pre-order.

  8. In Canada we can still order model x and s. First deliveries of refresh x have just arrived here.

  9. Excited for Tesla's future Should I buy before split or after split? Too hard to decide. I‘ll do both.

  10. I ordered model Y in the U.K. in Dec 2021, now delivery scheduled end of 22. So a year wait

  11. Every time you come back to the simplicity of “I am God also, I choose experience”, once you get back to that simplicity, it frees up a lot of energy to actually have experience, rather than try to understand what experience is. It’s not about getting to the other side. It’s about how I am in this moment taking that next step, no matter what the outcome is.

  12. It’s a great problem and a bad problem. Great because of popularity. Bad because wait times may cause customers to go elsewhere. But Tesla is ramping all year and beyond so their pace over the next few years leading to 2025 will be key.

  13. Melt my heart! I love how Cal was worried about Jack being cold when he jumped into the water. Do they usually get along well? I really hope your work on youtube gives you lots of time to be with your family.

  14. I did the same thing. Picked up a used Model 3 Performance with all the upgrades and Full Self Driving. Out the door with tax license and registration my car was about $63,000 US dollars.

    I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with this car. I've always had Performance cars and used to drag race a really setup nitrous Camaro. I would never go back to a gas car.

  15. Tesla is increasing production as fast as they possibly can, people just need to wait it’s Tesla… there’s nothing more they could do besides buy all the other auto companies so they can buy more Tesla’s lol… but that’s a smalllll percentage 0.00001 probably but it is Tesla sooo who knows what they will do

  16. Last Wednesday I bought a new Tesla 3 RWD. I had planned to purchase a 2020 or 2021 used Tesla 3. The prices are the same or more than a brand new car! The 2013 and 2014 models are selling for $32,000 to $35,000. I live in the Chicago, IL, area. My new white-on-white car will arrive in September – October, 2022.

  17. Tesla has to store up enough 4680 version Model Y before delivery for the transaction!

  18. There is also a 12 month wait for tractors,combine harvesters,truck and trailers in aus

  19. Sam I can confirm with you. My wife and I test drove a M3 on Tuesday April 26. That day we made a deposit on a M3 SR. The only option was Blue paint. Tesla delivery time frame is August 14 – Sept 25 2022. By the way we are in the US.

  20. I have to wait just 1 week to get our new Model Y.
    well I did place the order Sep 15 of last year…