Real Founder Of Tesla: The Untold Story Of Tesla | Business Case Study

In this video, I have talked about one of the fastest-growing electronic vehicle companies TESLA. so why today also most the people think that Elon musk is the real founder of tesla but guess not the real founders of tesla are martin Eberhard and marc tarpenning. the surprise is that why nobody knows about the untold story of tesla. how did tesla start what are the difficulties and how did tesla gots lots of investors venture capitalists etc. martin and marc started their first business in 1997 of Novomedia where they make a rocket book device similar to today’s amazon kindle and sol to that company for $187 million and started tesla to build EV cars with goog and luxury sport capabilities and guess what take funding from Elon musk at that time Elon musk just sol his company PayPal to eBay for millions of dollar and Elon musk invest $7.5 million dollar in tesla but later on due to some tension and pressure martin and marc get removed from the post of CEO and Elon Musk becomes the co-founder of tesla. BUT HOW? More In The Video!

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Title Contents:-
00:00 – Introduction To Real Founders Of Tesla
00:18 – Untold Story Of Tesla
00:52 – How Tesla Motors Started?
01:43 – How To Start a Car Company
02:42 – Entry Of Elon Musk Into Tesla
03:43 – Tesla Roadster Launch
03:56 – How Elon Musk Took Over Tesla
05:35 – Business Lessons From Tesla Business Case Study

DISCLAIMER: In this video, I have shared my opinion and my knowledge of the topic so don’t take it in a bad manner.

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  1. "Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting." –Anonymous

  2. "Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting." –Anonymous