Why Tesla Will Destroy Uber & Lyft..

The Tesla Robotaxi, or the Tesla Network, will compete with Uber and Lyft for the ridesharing market, and it doesn’t look good for Uber and Lyft. With self driving technology, and a fleet of privately owned Tesla vehicles, how will Uber and Lyft compete with Tesla? We’ll be diving into the Tesla Robotaxi timeline, plan, news, and income that could be generated in the future.


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What is the Tesla Network or Tesla Robotaxi?

It’s like Uber or Lyft with Teslas. The Tesla Network was first announced by Elon Musk at Autonomy Day on April 22, 2019, where he outlined the company’s plans to have fully autonomous, self driving cars on the road in 2020. The network would combine Tesla’s full self driving technology with a ride hailing app to create a fleet of robotaxis. This fleet would be made up of privately owned Tesla vehicles that are already on the road today. An over the air update would activate the robotaxi function and allow owners to add and subtract their cars to the network as they choose. The Tesla Network will be open to the Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, Tesla Roadster, and even the Cybertruck eventually.

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  2. All the Uber & Lyft drivers, if they know what's good them will purchase a Tesla now while they can.

  3. If Tesla does activate “Tesla taxi” driven by Tesla owners, or contracted drivers. Tesla will win against Uber.
    . (Even pre lvl 5 autonomy)
    But could Uber throw some lawsuit probably an antitrust lawsuits for all the data that Tesla drivers working for Uber will have collected and passively reported back to Tesla as driving data?
    Like common routes and practices and efficiencies learned by Uber drivers? 🤓❤️
    This will be so much fun to
    Watch 🤓

  4. I want to do this, but does the income generated offset the wear and tear and maintenance of a $90,000 tesla car?

  5. Very well done and put together. To be honest I very impressed got your self a sub and from one Elon Musk fan to another I’m excited for the next episode.