We now know Tesla's INDIA Gigafactory plans

We now know Tesla’s INDIA Gigafactory plans

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  1. Well it's a loss for Tesla also.
    Just today Tata launched a sub $ 25k EV which is 5 star rated and 300 km of real world range

  2. India is a socialist/communist state right from the start all the way back to Nehru its always been socialist and close to Russia. Its written in the Indian constitution that its a socialist state. In practice it maintains the worst kind of crony capitalism, the elites keep it all for themselves, just like they always did. As for the laws, they are there to protect the elites and stifle anyone else. Thats why india's growth is like 50 years behind where it should be, because they stifle competition. Tesla should not go there the elites don't even care about people beneffiting and they will certainly need bribes to do the paperwork at every stage and not be flexible or helpful.

  3. India factory is the WORST idea. The labour is lethargic, do NOT work. There are religious riots every other day. The government is fascist and highly corrupt. It's a terrible country for investment. I love Tesla too much to see it bear this mistake. Ford has closed in India.

  4. India has an extremely corrupt government.
    It will be much better if Tesla doesn't build now any Gigafactory there. /
    Instead, Tesla could build very well a Gigafactory in Australia, South America.

  5. Never ever India! Corrrrrrruption at each and every level and lowest affordability in the world. The population is the only large number. Nothing else.

  6. India needs to remove the corruption before the West will invest. They are rank about 85th in the world. Plus they support dictators that murder women and children. India should be cut off from the West. They can be allies with Russia, Syria and North Korea.

  7. Wasn't their a company called Tata that built a factory for micro cars and the farmers reclaimed the land it was on in India?

  8. India is completely corrupt. As long as you do not present every politician (and union) a suitcase full of money, nothing happens. Somehow like the Biden administration.

  9. ERES Ídolo NÚMERO 1. 💋 SEXTINDER.Uno necesita a alguien como tú para montar el mejor espectáculo del día. fotos, maquetas, videoso, música, teatro y acción. PARA_PÚBLICO. .

  10. ফেলিসিডেস, এটি মিনাংকাবাউ উদাহরণ। 250 sentadillas son unos Youngstars.Quest muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Dadi dejay ver que hay muy buenos ফলাফল 😍👍

  11. India is 30 to 50 years behind China and will never catch up because of their of their attitudes.

  12. Indian market is too small for Tesla to build a gigafactory, but I don't know why tesla is not selling its cars in India at 100% duty, it can import them from Germany if Indian goverment has problem with a made in China car.

  13. what about building a Giga Australia?? would that be great? / or needed? – it would be at least safe for Tesla

  14. The educated Indians will complain that it is racism which prevents Tesla from coming to India. There is a educated Indian industry who make living by saying the British stole their wealth even now instead of thanking them for freeing them from the Moguls and giving them a system to govern the country even if it is corrupt.

  15. Cry me a river. Read about Bopal and what foreign companies have done in India. Not to mention how the British looted the country.

  16. India don't need cars, not enough roads for huge amount of people.
    It need electric bicycles.

  17. Zero chance. Check out what happened to Nokia, Ford in India. No company should do business in India if they dont fix the corruption.

  18. Without paying one of Modi’s flunkies Tesla will not get anywhere and it is still a very corrupt country