Newest MACHINES Inside Tesla GIGAFACTORY Texas

Today we’ll look at the newest machines in the new Tesla Gigafactory Texas including Giga Press and other features of the new Tesla Giga Factory. Elon Musk marked the official start of production at Tesla’s new Giga Texas plant in Austin, saying it’s the country’s biggest factory by size and will also be the highest-volume U.S. auto plant when fully ramped up. Speaking to more than 1,000 invited guests and fans of the brand packed into the sprawling facility for what Tesla called a “Cyber Rodeo” late Thursday, Musk said the plant will produce at least 500,000 vehicles annually by next year. Initially, it will make Model Y hatchbacks, with the hard-edged Cybertruck pickup going into production next year, along with a new version of the Roadster sports car and Tesla Semi.

“The Model Y line will be the highest-capacity line, I think, of any line in the world. In fact, I’m confident it will be,” Musk, dressed in a black cowboy hat, black sunglasses, and black Giga Texas T-shirt, told attendees. “Half a million units a year in a single factory of one product is the biggest dang thing in the world. This will be the highest volume car factory in America.” The Texas plant opens as the outlook for Musk’s company has never been stronger, as climate change worries and rising oil prices boost demand for electric vehicles. When fully ramped up, the Austin factory—with Tesla’s new Giga Berlin plant, its fast-growing Shanghai Gigafactory, and Fremont, California, plant—could give the company capacity to build about 2 million vehicles annually within the next few years. That’s more than double what Tesla produced in 2021.

In today’s video, we will take a look at the Top New Features Of The New Gigafactory Texas.


  1. Of course the giant die casting machined interest me the most. The ones you didn't show in operation. I ran the video through twice. You showed a stamping press.

  2. So when you are talking about the giga press, whyare you showing stock video of the stamping machines?