Ex Tesla Engineer JUST SHOCKED The Entire EV Industry With INSANE NEW Battery

Elon Musk noted that if other electric vehicle manufacturers thought that Teslas success meant electric cars were a guaranteed path to riches, they would need to have second thoughts. As early as 2006, Elon Musk said Teslas long-term goal was to provide affordable electric cars for the majority of consumers. That dream was realized when they launched their affordable Model 3 electric sedan, as well as their affordable Model Y crossover.

Their first electric vehicle was a niche model, and Teslas upcoming model, the Model S, was soon becoming the go-to model for upscale suburbanites because of the emissions-free nature and the distinctly high-tech nature of Teslas upcoming electric car. Tesla later launched the Model S sedan and Model X SUV, high-end luxury vehicles with slightly lower price points than its Roadster sports car. In January 2012, Tesla stopped producing its first model car, and the company launched the Model S sedan in June.

Tesla Motors second car was the Model S, a luxury all-electric sedan, followed by the Model X. Tesla followed that with the Model X sports utility vehicle, and a fairly affordable — not to mention very successful — compact sedan, the Model 3. Led by controversial founder and CEO Elon Musk, the company broke into the scene with the Roadster, its first EV, in the 2008 model year. Elon Musk took an active role at Tesla, overseeing their early car models product development on a detailed level, but was not heavily involved in the daily operations of the company.

The warm reception that Elon Musk and Tesla received for Teslas several electric vehicle models led to several other electric vehicle companies to rise – Rivians being one. They are owners of some of the best performing EVs available on the EV market, like Model X, Model S, etc. Not only is Model 3 the best-selling EV in the U.S., but Teslas more affordable vehicle has sold more units than all the other electric cars on the market combined. As Teslas least expensive available, Model 3 has plenty going for it, including a powerful range and slick styling.

The Model 3 has an official starting price of $39,990 for its standard range Plus option, making it Teslas least expensive vehicle available right now. The Standard Range Plus is Teslas most affordable car, at just $41,190 for the purchase price (delivery included) with a driving range estimated at 263 miles. Fully loaded, a basic Model S long-range from Tesla costs $110,190, while the standard Range costs $150,190, both of which come with $1,200 in destination charges.

Tesla offers the Model Y in a Performance variant, which offers 303 miles of estimated range, and wears a $62,190 price tag. The Model Y, Teslas compact SUV, starts at $54,190 for a basic model with long-range capability, which is rated to travel up to an EPA-estimated 326 miles when fully charged from its battery. The Tesla Model S now has a starting price of $79,990 for its Long Range option, which is over $10,000 higher than its previous starting price. While the more affordable Tesla vehicle has been a runaway hit, the recently introduced five-seat crossover SUV, the Model Y, may end up beating it, although it does come with a steeper $53,990 starting price (and the steeper $53 price tag is just going up from there).

Its $25 starting price may soon join a list of long-delayed Tesla models, which includes the Cybertruck pickup, Roadster supercar, and Semi truck-trailer. Tesla is expected to add a second-generation Roadster and a highly anticipated Cybertruck to the current lineup of existing Tesla models. In the push for growth, Tesla is preparing to begin producing the Model Y crossover this year at a new Tesla plant in Austin, Texas.

CEO Elon Musk has said Teslas giant factory in Austin will in future become Americas highest-volume auto plant, as well as the largest battery-making facility in the world.

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